9 Simple but Effective Tips to Get Productive during Quarantine


2020-12-17 17:22:06

Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, every non-Thai national must present a health certificate named “Fit to Fly” before entering Thailand. As its name suggested, a Fit-to-Fly certificate is a medical document certifying that you are free of symptoms and fit to fly. You can get it from a hospital by informing that you want to get the “Fit-to-Fly” certificate. The certificate must be issued by a doctor no more than 72 hours before departure. For example, if your flight is on 14 January 2020, your Fit-to-Fly certificate must be issued on 11, 12 or 13 January 2020. The certificate is required upon check-in with the airline and on your arrival in Thailand later. Do note that failure to present it may result in being denied boarding.

1. Get Out of Your Pajamas!

We get it. There is no feeling better than walking around your room wearing your worn-out but comfy pajamas. However, this closest ally is actually your greatest enemy to your productivity! The seemingly innocent pajamas make a line between work time and at-home time blurry, which can cause your brain to be less productive. Create a clear line between the two by getting out of pajamas and wearing actual (but still comfy) working clothes to get the gears in your brain to work!

2. Define Your Workspace

Set a workspace but make sure that it is not on your bed. It is necessary to establish a clear mindset whether you are “at work” or “at home” now by setting up a proper workspace. Doing so helps increase your productivity as your brain knows when it is time to work. The workspace can be any corner in your room, though it is advisable to choose where the sunlight reaches as sunlight also helps increase productivity.

3. Keep Your Space as Neat as Possible

Imagine the state of your mind when you look at a messy workspace: post-it notes scattering around, unorganized stationery, or entangled cables. It is highly doubt that anyone can be productive in such environment. Be sure to clean and organize your workspace every now and then. Not only you get to improve your productivity, but you also have easier time finding items when you need it. A neat workspace is a way to a neat mind!

4. Set A Schedule and Stick to It

“What should I do today?”

“Which one should I work on first?”

“What did I do yesterday again?”

Have you ever asked these questions to yourself? If your answer is yes, then you need to set a schedule now. Although you have plenty of time to spare during quarantine, it is better to wisely manage it for efficiency. To-do list is a great starting point. At the beginning of the day, write down your plan for the day and stick to it. Details that should be included are a task name, its short detail, and estimate time. Knowing these details helps you keep track of your works and be more productive as you can see the bigger picture.

5. Don't Overwork

While procrastination is frowned upon, it does not mean that you should overwork. Sure, you might get more works done if you overwork. But what about the day after that? Overwork may result in exhaustion which can affect the quality of your work. Be sure to take a break every now and then to let your brain rest, because a fresh mind equals a productive mind!

6. Match Your Music with Your Tasks

Music, choosing wisely, can help you be more productive more than you expect. Match your music with what you work on, for example, upbeat music for stressful tasks or music without lyrics for tasks that require your concentration. That’s the power of music!

7. Avoid Social Media

Keeping up to date is good. Keeping up to date all day? Not so good anymore. It is obvious that social media is the ultimate distraction that affects your productivity.  Turn off a notification of social media applications (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) in your phone and close all unrelating tabs on your browser while working!

8. Moving Around

Get up from your workspace every other hour and move around to stretch your body. Not only sitting still is bad for your health, but it is also bad for your productivity. Fortunately, working during quarantine allows you to get up from your desk whenever you want so be sure to take advantage of it. Move around and let your brain kick in!

9. Record Your End-Of-The-Day Progress

Remember the task schedule in article 4? Your to-do list will not mean a thing if you forget to tick off the finished tasks. Not only it helps you keep track of your work and better plan ahead for the next day, but the satisfaction of getting a job done also improve your productivity!

These 9 tips might seem inconsequential at a first glance but it is very effective. Make it a routine and say hello to the new you with increased productivity!

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