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9 Thai Souvenirs You Should Take Back Home


2021-01-11 17:52:27

All travel enthusiasts buy souvenirs when they visit attractions in different countries. That includes foreigners who never miss the chance to buy souvenirs when they come to Thailand. In this article, we will recommend some cool souvenirs that you should buy.

1. Thai silk products

Thai silk is well known around the world for its great quality, excellent value and colourful fabric, as well as for how accessible silk shops are. You can find souvenir shops selling Thai silk products at almost every tourist attraction in Thailand. There are many types of silk products to choose from, for example, clothes, bags, pyjamas, scarves, and tablecloths.

2. Muay Thai shorts

Muay Thai boxers wear Muay Thai shorts for their boxing bouts. These shorts are very popular among European tourists because Muay Thai is a popular martial art. Due to their bright colours and soft fabric that is comfortable, Muay Thai shorts are one of the most popular souvenirs for tourists.

3. Nanyang sandals (Star Elephant brand)

Nanyang sandals are well known for their durability. The Star Elephant brand is a famous footwear company in Thailand that has been making high-quality products for more than 60 years. This souvenir is great because you will definitely find them useful. Most Nanyang sandals found in shops have a plain design, but there are some that have a cool design too, like the one that Hollywood actress Taylor Momsen wears!

4. Handmade woven bags

Handicraft products are popular among female tourists, because they are not only beautiful and suitable for giving to your friends and family as a souvenir, but they are also useful in daily life. There are various patterns and colours to choose from that will have your head in a spin.

5. Spa products

Thai spas are amazing and not inferior to any other countries’ spas. If you are someone who has heard that before, then you should buy Thai spa products as a souvenir! Not only are they inexpensive, but these soaps and incenses also have a great fragrance that helps you relax after an exhausting day.

6. Snake brand cooling powder

This is another popular souvenir loved by many foreigners. The extreme cooling sensation from the powder is different from the coldness of winter and can relieve you on hot days. You will instantly feel cool wherever you apply the powder. It is also highly accessible; you can buy it in almost every convenience and department store. It comes in many sizes and designs, but we recommend the classic stainless bottle for the coolest experience!

7. Balm and smelling salts 

These two items are often found together. They are products made from Thai herb wisdom and they use only natural ingredients to make fair-price balms and smelling salts full of benefits. Both of them can be used for smelling to make you feel refreshed and applying to insect bites.

8. Tiger balm plasters

This souvenir is very popular among Chinese tourists. It can help relieve muscle soreness and pain in your back or shoulders. There is a warm version and a cool version to choose from depending on your condition. Tiger balm plasters are certainly one of the great souvenirs from Thailand.

9. Wood carving products

Thailand’s wood carving art is unique and highly developed. The intricate yet delicate patterns are carved into a piece of wood by skillful Thai artisans. Many tourists buy wood carving products as a souvenir for their friends or as decorations for their house. They make great souvenirs to remind you of your time in Thailand.

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