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Color Do Matter: Thai Belief and Fashion


2021-01-13 10:13:01

In Thailand, there is a belief that colours can affect your day. This belief covers car colours, bag colours and clothes colours. For example, it is believed that you will lose a game if you wear white clothes (the same as if you raise a white flag and surrender.) The colour of clothes is very important for some people. They have to check what colour they should wear for the day to boost their respective life aspects such as work, fortune or love. Usually, people choose what colour to wear depending on the day they were born (Sun, Mon etc.) Now that we have learned about the origin of the color belief, let’s check the clothes color schedule for 2021 to match your style!

1. Sunday

Fortune: green, black, purple, dark brown

Work: red, pink, orange

Love: black, grey

Health: light yellow, cream, white, light grey

Misfortune (do not wear): light blue, blue

Fashion Tips

If you want to boost both your love and health, match a green top with a white bottom. Not only will you boost both aspects of your life, but it will also make you look soft and approachable.

2. Monday

Fortune: dark yellow, orange, gold, black

Work: light yellow, white, grey, green

Love: blue, light blue

Health: pink, old rose

Misfortune (do not wear): red

Fashion Tips

Unfortunately, you have to avoid red for the time being but you can wear orange instead. If you prefer a cheerful style then pick a swirly, long green skirt or a chic printed skirt. For men, we recommend that you pick an orange top to match black or white jeans as this will boost your fortune!

3. Daytime Wednesday (born at 06.00am – 05.59pm)

Fortune: light blue, blue, grey

Work: green, orange, gold

Love: light yellow, light grey, white

Health: black, dark purple, dark brown

Misfortune (do not wear): pink, light red

Fashion Tips

This is perhaps the easiest day to match your clothing. If you are a working woman and have to dress politely, choose a light-yellow top with a round or V-neck to match a blue or green skirt. It will boost not only your work but also your love aspect. As for men, we recommend dark brown clothes to make you look approachable.

4. Nighttime Wednesday (born at 06.00pm – 05.59am)

Fortune: pink, white, cream

Work: black, dark grey, bright red, green

Love: black, dark purple, dark brown

Health: light blue, blue

Misfortune (do not wear): dark yellow, orange or dark orange, gold

Fashion Tips

This is the perfect day for people who prefer a cute style, because cute colours such as pink, cream, and grey are good to wear. Not only will they help boost your work and fortune, but they can also be easily matched with a cute style like Korean. Try matching a cream or white top with simple grey slack pants. Add a pink blazer and now you are a true fashionista!

5. Thursday

Fortune: bright red, light yellow, white, light grey

Work: orange, gold, blue, light blue, pink

Love: green

Health: light grey (do not choose dark grey)

Misfortune (do not wear): black, dark purple, dark brown

Fashion Tips

Minimal is the go-to style for people born on a Thursday. You can dress casually but get really lucky with your love life! Try a green top and high-waisted white pants to look cool. As for men who want to focus to on their work aspect, choose a white top and orange outer shirt to go with light grey pants!

6. Friday

Fortune: pink, light red, green

Work: light blue, blue, white, light grey, dark purple, dark brown

Love: orange, gold, dark yellow

Health: red or bright red

Misfortune (do not wear): dark grey

Fashion Tips

Fashionistas born on a Friday, it is your time to shine! All good colours can be easily matched into any style that suits your taste. For example, if you want to boost both your work and fortune aspects, then pink, light red, and orange clothes are your top picks!

7. Saturday

Fortune: light blue, blue, bright red

Work: black, dark purple, dark brown, white

Love: pink

Health: dark yellow, orange, gold

Misfortune (do not wear): green

Fashion Tips

This is the perfect day for a summer style! All good colours for Saturday people can be easily matched into a great summer style for men and women. Recommended matches are dark yellow-orange, light blue-blue, and pink-blue.

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