Kill Your Boredom with 3 Entertainment Platforms


2020-12-17 17:26:33

After entering Thailand during COVID-19 outbreak, it is mandatory for tourists to quarantine themselves for two weeks at state quarantine hotels, alternative state quarantine hotels, or alternative local quarantine hotels. 14 days may seem short but if you have to confine yourself in a room only, you are bound to get bored soon. Fortunately, many ASQ and ALQ hotels provide high-speed internet in a room so various entertainment are ready at your fingertips. These 3 entertainment platforms are a good starting point to spend your quarantine happily!

1. Dive into the world of movies and series with NETFLIX

NETFLIX is one of the leading streaming platforms in Thailand. This well-known streaming platform offers wide selection of movies and series from around the world, including Thailand. Whether you are a fan of romance genre, horror genre, comedy genre, or even a fan of Japanese cartoon, NETFLIX got it all for you. Choose your favorite movies or series and enjoy it while lazing around on a comfy bed!

Must watch:

1) The Queen’s Gambit 

2) Start-Up 

3) The Witcher 

4) Stranger Things 

2. All you can watch with YouTube

Everybody knows YouTube and have used it at least once. This video streaming platform is one the first entertainment platform that introduces people to contents from all around the world. It is estimated that it will take more than 1,000 years to watch every video on YouTube. Obviously, 14-days quarantine is nothing at all compared to the number of videos that YouTube have to offer. Before long, you will not even realize that two weeks have already passed!

Recommended channels:

1) Mark Wiens 

2) JunsKitchen 

3) CrashCourse

4) TED

3. Open a door into the world of video gaming

Many hotels provide game consoles such as Play Station 4 for rent. Whether you travel with a family, spouse, or traveling by yourself, there will always be a video game that suits your preference. Video games are another go-to entertainment that allows a temporary escape from the reality and kills time while you are in a quarantine. It also helps connect you to your friends from across the world via online gaming. Immerse yourself in an imaginative world and let video games brighten up your quarantine!

Choose your style:

Single player

1) Ghost of Tsushima (PS4)  

2) Life is Strange (PS4)

3) Detroit: Become Human (PS4) 


1) Fall Guys (PS4)

2) Marvel's Avengers (PS4)

3) Overcooked 2 (PS4)

The 14-days quarantine might not be as long as you think with all these entertainment platforms to accompany you!

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