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Experience Krabi People’s Lifestyle at Attractions with SHA Award


2021-01-13 10:32:37

Krabi is a province located on the west coast of Thailand. It is rich in history and nature, so worth a visit. Let’s get to know Krabi more through the local people’s lifestyle at tourist attractions that have been awarded the SHA certificate.

1. Krabi Elephant Love & Care

This is a recreational attraction where tourists get to learn how to take care of elephants. You’ll get to spend time with the elephants that are not only cute but also smart. It is an interesting experience that you should try.

Business hours: 08.30am – 05.00pm

2. Laem Sak Tourism Community

“A city surrounded by the sea on 3 sides and a land of 3 cultures” is a short definition of the Laem Sak Community. This is a small community where Thai Buddhists, Muslims, and Chinese-Thai people live together in harmony. For that reason, the community has a rich and unique culture and lifestyle. Learn about the different cultures among beautiful nature where you are welcome to visit.

3. Ban Na Teen CBT

Experience the uncomplicated lifestyle of Islamic culture. Not only do you get to learn about a unique and charming local culture, but you also get to help generate income for the community.

4. Krabi Elephant Sanctuary

This is a private elephant nursing home which rescues elephants from the logging industry and from elephant riding. At the Krabi Elephant Sanctuary, you get to spend time with elephants in a natural setting.

5. Ban Tham Suea CBT

Ban Tham Suea is a community rich in history that still conserves its identity and beautiful nature. Experience the locals’ charming lifestyle and discover their unique identity through various tourism activities in the abundant forest.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (Headquarters)
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1600 New Phetchaburi Road Makkasan Ratchathewi Bangkok 10400
TAT 联络中心 1672