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Thai Cultural Events in March


2021-01-13 10:51:53

1. Phra That Cho Hae Worship Day and the Tung Luang Procession in Phrae

This is one of the most important religious events in Phrae. Phra That Cho Hae is Phrae Province’s most important religious site where relics of the Lord Buddha (a lock of hair and the left elbow) are enshrined. The event originates from the time when Phra Maha Thammarachathirat (King Li Thai) came to pay respect to Phra That Cho Hae and had the Phra That renovated. Ever since then, a 7-day, 7-night festival has been held to commemorate the said event. The event takes place at Phra That Cho Hae Temple in Mueang Phrae district, Phrae.

2. Boon Pa Wes Festival

This is a part of the Esan cultural event called “Heet Sip Song” (12 traditional merits). It is an event for making merits that originated from one chapter of the Lord Buddha’s biography “Phra Wessandorn”— the last life before becoming the Lord Buddha, which focused on making merit through giving. At the event, monks give a sermon about Phra Wessandorn’s journey divided into 13 chapters and walk in a procession with a Buddha image called “Phra Maha Upagupta”. The event takes place at Plran Chai Swamp in Mueang district, Roi Et.

3. The White Cheesewood Flower Festival and 4 Tai Cultures Festival

This festival is held to commemorate the founding of Si Sa Ket Province. The white cheesewood flower is the provincial flower, hence the event’s name. Activities include entertainment shows such as a traditional Khmer cultural show and traditional local dress show from 4 tribes: the Suay, the Lao, the Yer, and the Khmer, all of which live in Si Sa Ket Province. The event takes place at Somdet Phra Srinagarindra Park in Mueang district, Si Sa Ket.

4. Give Alms to Monks at Midnight Event (Pen Pod or Peng Pod)

This is an old cultural event originating from the beliefs of Lanna Tai Lue people, which were influenced by Cambodia. The event is held on a full-moon Wednesday and can be held in any month (although it is usually held in March.) Local people prepare alms and go to the temple at midnight. After that, they give the alms to monks in remembrance of Phra Maha Upagupta. The event takes place in the northern region.

5. Hok Peng Festival— Phra Maha That Chao Phu Pieng Chae Haeng Worship Day

Phra That Chae Haeng is one of the most important religious sites for people from Nan and throughout Lanna. The Phra That enshrines relics of the Lord Buddha (the left wrist, cremated ashes, and a lock of hair). This event, which has been held for many years, takes place at Phra That Chae Haeng Temple in Mueang Nan district, Nan.

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