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Community-Based Tourism in Chumphon with SHA Award


2021-01-13 09:59:15

Chumphon Province is the gateway to the southern region of Thailand. The province is located by the Gulf of Thailand so it is rich in natural resources: beaches, bays, mangrove forests, mountains, and islands. In this article, we will recommend community-based tourism activities in Chumphon that have been awarded the SHA certificate. Enjoy various ecotourism activities that will make you fall in love with Chumphon.

1. Thung Maha Group CBT

The Thung Maha Community offers various ecotourism activities, for example diving to see coral reefs, watching whale sharks at Koh Lan Ped Koh Lan Khai, visit a crab bank and eating fresh crab while dangling your legs at Koh Yor. Visit some of the most beautiful sand dunes in Thailand. Enjoy the stunning scenery at Thung Maha Bay and visit Wat Kaeo Prasert. Last but not least, experience the local fishermen’s lifestyle.

2. Pa Tiew Fishery Group CBT

Participate in ecotourism activities that help conserve the sea at a crab bank. Release baby crabs back into the sea and make artificial reefs to increase the amount of marine life, as well as boosting the income of local fishermen.

3. Thong Tom Yai Homestay

Spend a night at a local homestay and enjoy fresh seafood dishes straight from the sea behind the homestay. Relax among the beautiful scenery. Learn about the local fishermen’s lifestyle that bonds them deeply with the sea. Participate in a conservation activity. Dive into the sea to see coral reefs and seahorses, rare fish that can be used to measure the sea quality.

4. Bang Son Community CBT

Spend a night at a local homestay. Enjoy a variety of local dishes and fresh seafood. Take a boat trip along the Bang Son canal to see the local fishermen’s lifestyle by day and watch fireflies at night.

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