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Top-Notch Restaurants in Chanthaburi with SHA Award


2021-01-14 11:16:18

Let’s go to Chanthaburi and visit various famous restaurants that have been awarded the SHA certificate. Enjoy unique signature dishes and fresh seafood that everyone should try!

1. Bang Manao

A restaurant decorated in a natural theme and a universal design that caters to senior people. The restaurant only uses fresh ingredients to make exclusive dishes daily. The recommended dish is “Yum Bang Manao”, a spicy salad that will make your mouth water.

Business hours: open daily 12.00pm – 10.00pm

2. Koff House

A European-style barn that has been converted into a restaurant. The interior is designed with the theme of an old gold mine. The restaurant offers a variety of food, drinks, and cakes for customers to enjoy while listening to live music from the Koff brand who create an atmospheric night near the Chan river.

Business hours: open daily 08.00am – 12.00am

3. Ban Nam Prik Khao Suay

Enjoy authentic traditional royal Thai foods made with love. The recommended dish is Thai red pork rice topped with crab-egg paste and mixed seafood, a unique and delicious dish of Chanthaburi Province that will capture your heart from the very first bite.

Business hours: open daily 09.00am – 05.20pm

4. Pla Too Chanthaburi Restaurant

This restaurant offers local Thai cuisine and a great atmosphere by a river. The place is spacious and luxurious. The ground floor is a restaurant while upstairs is a café where customers can enjoy a variety of desserts or drinks. Whether you want to relax by yourself or spend time with your sweetheart, Pla Too Chanthaburi Restaurant is a great choice!

Business hours: open 10.00am – 10.00pm

5. Po Ja Seafood Restaurant

Enjoy fresh seafood at a fair price at Poo Ja Seafood Restaurant. The recommended dish is “Poo Cha” (deep-fried crab meat), which everyone should order. The restaurant is spacious and open-air, suitable for families and couples. You can choose between the indoor and outdoor zones.

Business hours: open daily 10.00am – 09.00pm

6. Chui Chanthaburi

This restaurant uses ingredients from its organic garden that grows vegetables and Nam Hom coconuts, as well as raising chickens. The restaurant owner wants the customers to enjoy only dishes made from high-quality ingredients.

Business hours: 11.00am – 10.00pm

7. Chan Pochana

Chan Pochana offers a variety of local foods. The recommended dish is “Kaeng Moo Chamuang” (cowa fruit and pork spicy soup) that you must order if you really want to taste authentic Chanthaburi cuisine. Chan Pochana makes the dish using a traditional and unique secret recipe to ensure the best experience. Kaeng Moo Chamuang is also sold as a canned food and as a frozen meal.

Business hours: 10.00am – 08.00pm

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