Recommended Picture Editing Apps to Make the Most of Your Shots


2020-12-17 17:29:31

This is the Age of Sharing!

It has already become a norm to take photos no matter where you go and post them on social media to share your stories with the world. To make your photos the best among all, here are 5 picture editing applications that you should check out.

1. Facetune

This application is the God of retouching. Need a glowing skin? Facetune. Accentuate your face features? Facetune. Downsize your face contour? Just use Facetune! Not only it is really easy to use but you can also download it for free. The magic of retouching is at your fingertips!


2. Snapseed

An all-in-one picture editing application that you should try out. Take photos and let Snapseed turn them into a masterpiece. Whether you want to highlight any specific part, add a film grain filter, or change the color tone, Snapseed can take care of it all for you! Best of all, Snapseed is quite stable for a free application so it is worth checking out.


This is the do-not-miss application of photography enthusiasts, especially those who keeps all pictures in your Instagram in the same color tone and those who loves adjusting color contrast (AKA: The Hipster style). You can change the setting to your liking by yourself or use the pre-set setting. VSCO has both free version and paid version so you can choose any version best suits you.

4. Foodie

This is an application exclusively for food photography lovers. Courtesy to its easy-to-use interface, Foodie make taking food pictures an easy task. All you have to do is choosing your preferred filter and take a shot! If you plan to have a café trip or restaurant trip, don’t forget to download it!

5. Adobe Lightroom

This is a popular program among professional photographers. It used to be available on PC only but it is available on mobile phone nowadays. It is the best in terms of editing pictures, especially light editing which is very in-dept and detailed. Adobe Lightroom is quite easy to use, though it might take some time for novices to master it. An alternative way for novices is buying pre-set settings instead of creating it yourself.

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