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Thai Cultural Event in May


2021-01-14 18:05:37

Before the season turns from the bright sunny days of summer to the damp days of the rainy season, there is an important cultural event that has been passed down through generations that both Thais and foreigners should experience for its cultural charm and folk wisdom: “Boon Bang Fai” (Esan Rocket Festival.) 

“Boon Bang Fai” is an important cultural event that has been passed down through many generations among Esan Thai people. At the start of the rainy season in May of every year, Esan people make “Bang Fai” which is an Esan-style rocket. A Bang Fai is made by filling a bamboo pole with gunpowder and then launching it into the sky, leaving a trail of smoke and making a loud noise. Each village makes a Bang Fai in their own style. For example, “Bang Fai San” is a big, colourful Bang Fai that requires local artisans’ skills to make. “Bang Fai Talai” is a small-sized, circular-shape Bang Fai that spins when it is launched into the sky. There are other types of Bang Fai too, such as Bang Fai Phu and Bang Fai Ma.

The Boon Bang Fai Festival originates from a local belief regarding the deity that protects the human realm and nature. Launching Bang Fai into the sky is a ritual to show gratitude to “Phraya Tan” who was a deity controlling the weather. By launching Bang Fai into the sky, the local people ask Phraya Tan to bless them with a rainfall for their crops. The Boon Bang Fai Festival is held in many provinces in the northeastern region and other regions where Esan people have moved to. However, the one Boon Bang Fai Festival that tourists should visit is in Yasothon Province. Activities in the event include a Bang Fai procession by each community, a Bang Fai launching activity, local product shops and food vendors, and a light and sound show about the legend of Phraya KhanKak, a hero in an urban legend relating to Phraya Tan. 

The Boon Bang Fai Festival is a Thai cultural event that provides entertainment and knowledge about local beliefs and culture. Visitors can learn how to make Bang Fai from local artisans who pass on their knowledge from generation to generation. Not only can you experience a unique trip, but you can also witness the Esan people’s harmonious lifestyle.

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