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Thai Cultural Events in June


2021-01-15 09:27:46

If you are planning a trip in June and looking for unique destinations that are rich in culture and offer you the chance to relax in a natural environment, we recommend that you visit the northeastern region and experience Esan culture and beliefs at the “Phi Ta Khon Festival”, which takes place in Loei Province. The Phi Ta Khon Festival originates from the Vessantara Jātaka, which is from the life of the Lord Buddha. In the story, when Phra Vessandorn returned from the forest to his kingdom, many spirits and animals disguised themselves as humans to wish him well. The event was called “Phi Tam Khon” (spirits following people) but has now been altered to “Phi Ta Khon”. People celebrate the festival by wearing colorful clothes and a mask made from a ‘Huad’ (Thai bamboo rice steamer) that is painted with a fearsome spirit’s face. Then, the people wearing costumes join a procession in which they dance and sing merrily. Other activities in the event include various cultural dances and shops selling local products.

After you are done experiencing this cultural trip, head to a nearby province and attend a festival to appreciate nature’s charm at the “Siam Tulip Festival”, which takes place at Pa Hin Ngam National Park and Sai Thong National Park in Chaiyaphum Province. At this time of the year, purplish pink Siam tulips blossom across a vast field, contrasting beautifully with the green grass. The gorgeous scenery created by nature is worthy of being called “Unseen Thailand”. Activities in the event include touring the flower fields by tram, visiting a cliff at the edge of the province and a million-year-old stone park, and buying Chaiyaphum Province’s well known products; for example, artificial Siam tulip pot plants, cotton clothes, local silk products and various fresh fruits.

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