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Thai Cultural Events in August


2021-01-15 11:21:13

In the middle of the rainy season in August, there are many charming local cultural events waiting for tourists to discover. Let’s pack our bags and visit local communities to search for memorable experiences that will write an unforgettable page in our diary.

First, let’s head north to Chiang Rai. Enjoy beautiful nature surrounded by a mist high up on a hill where a cultural event named “Lo Ching Cha” (ceremony of the giant swing) takes place. The event, called “Yae Ku Ah Paew” in the local tongue, is an Akha ceremony by which they celebrate the new year and pay respect to the goddess “Im Sa Yae” who blesses them with a great harvest. Tourists get to experience their culture through the giant swing ceremony. The villagers, who wear traditional clothes, join hands to build “Lao Che” (a giant swing), which is a symbol of good luck. It is believed that anyone who sits on the giant swing will be blessed with good fortune aside from having fun. The ceremony perfectly combines a game with a local belief. Moreover, tourists get to taste local food and create a great memory that they will never forget.

Apart from the northern region, there is another cultural event that represents diversity in ethnicity and culture, which takes place in Suphan Buri Province. The “Chinese Ghost Festival” is a cultural event where Chinese-Thai people commemorate their ancestors by making merit for them. The festival reflects people’s familial love and gratitude for their ancestors through the “Ting Krajad” activity, which is one of the main events along with paying respect to the City Pillar Shrine. Ting Krajad means making merit by throwing alms (canned foods, instant noodles, etc.) to people from a high place (Krajad Fah (sky)) or by scattering them on the ground (Krajad Din (ground)). There is also a Chinese cultural procession consisting of a lion dance, dragon dance, flag dance, and local cultural shows. In addition, there are food vendors, goods shops, and game booths where tourists can enjoy themselves while getting to know a community where people from different ethnic groups live together in harmony.

Not only are Thai cultural events entertaining, but they also represent each region’s lifestyle and beliefs that have been passed down from generation to generation. These events allow tourists to discover the charm of each region’s identity and create unforgettable memories.

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