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Thai Cultural Events in November


2021-01-15 13:20:04

The cool breeze that chases away the heat is a sign that Thailand has stepped into winter. The slightly colder weather encourages people to go on a trip and explore Thai culture in each region. In November, there are two important cultural events that everyone looks forward to.


The “Loy Krathong Festival” is a cultural event that every region of Thailand celebrates. The event is held to show gratitude to “Kong Kha Goddess”, who is the deity protecting rivers that function like a lifeblood, feeding farmers’ crops. Some regions believe that the event is held to commemorate the Lord Buddha’s return from heaven to the human realm. Loy Krathong isn’t celebrated only in Thailand but in many other countries in Southeast Asia too. In Thailand, Loy Krathong is connected to the belief in “Lady Noppamas” that dates back to Sukhothai era. It is believed that Lady Noppamas was the one who invented a “Krathong” made of flowers and gave it to the Lord Buddha as an offering. Both Krathong and Lady Noppamas have become famous in the modern Loy Krathong Festival.


Each region’s Loy Krathong Festival is different, depending on local culture and beliefs. However, if you want to experience an amazing event that is believed to be the origin of Loy Krathong Festival and of belief in Lady Noppamas, you must visit the “Sukhothai Loy Krathong Festival”, which takes place in the Sukhothai Historical Park in Sukhothai Province. Sukhothai is a World Heritage Site due to its stunning architecture that reflects the glory of the old capital of Thailand. Activities in the event include a magnificent light and sound show about the history of Sukhothai Province, a firework display, a Candle Krathong show that lights up the night with its magic, a local retro walking street, a Lady Noppamas contest, a cultural procession and many cultural shows, for example, a live performance of traditional Thai instruments and drama shows depicting urban legends.


Another cultural event worth a visit that takes place around the same time is the “Yi Peng Festival” (Lanna Lantern Festival) in Chiang Mai Province. Unlike other Loy Krathong Festivals, Yi Peng Festival releases lanterns rising into the sky, lighting up the night with their gentle and mesmerizing glow. Apart from sky lanterns, you can release normal Krathong made from flowers if you wish. Activities in the event include a Big Krathong Contest, a sky lantern show, Mister and Miss Yi Peng contests, a Yi Peng Kid contest, a flower Krathong contest, cultural shows, a firework display, a Krathong procession, and a local walking street. Visitors will get to enjoy this charming cultural event and fun activities to the fullest. Moreover, you will get to learn about local beliefs, which, although they vary from region to region, still shine brightly with their own unique charm.

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