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What is in the Local? (Guides to Souvenir Shopping)


2021-01-19 14:35:51

OTOP, also known as One Tambon One Product, refers to a famous local product of each community made by villagers. It is usually sold as a souvenir to tourists who visit the community. There are various types of OTOP products varying from food to clothes to everyday items and more. In this article, we will recommend five main types of OTOP products and where to buy them.

1. Decorative and everyday OTOP products

●  Ban Na Teen Community in Krabi

This is a Muslim community located in Krabi province. The local people make a living from a rubber tree plantation and fishing. It is the perfect place to visit if you want to learn about Islamic culture. Tourism activities include visiting Bang Klong Son which is the oldest Islamic school in the area, catching fish with local fishermen, making local food and desserts with a group of local housewives and learning about the process of harvesting rubber.

OTOP to buy: batik clothes, decorative items made from coconut shells.

●  Bang Nam Phueng Community in Samut Prakan

Bang Nam Phueng is a small community located by the Chao Phraya River so it is a great place to watch the sunrise and sunset. Visit Bang Nam Phueng floating market and enjoy delicious food or ride a bicycle around the community to learn about their history and culture.

OTOP to buy: floral decorations made from fish scales, herbal incense, seafood products such as dried shrimps and pickled shellfish, paintings and decorations made from coconut fibre and decorative mobiles.

● Ban Mueang Kung Community in Chiang Mai

Ban Mueang Kung is an old village in Chiang Mai. The villagers have made a living from pottery for many years so it could be said that this is a pottery village.

OTOP to buy: ceramics

2. Herbal OTOP products

● Ban Mai Pattana Community in Nan

This place is a must-visit for health lovers. The community is well known for its herbal products.

OTOP to buy: herbal beverages, herbal products, textiles, handicraft products.

Ban Rim Klong in Samut Songkhram

The villagers make a living from growing coconuts and making processed coconut products. Another interesting activity for tourists is seeing fireflies at night.

OTOP to buy: coconut sugar, syrup from coconut flowers.

3. Food and beverage OTOP products

 Ban Mae Jam Community in Lampang

This is a great place to visit for coffee lovers. The community is surrounded by mountains so it has cool weather all year round. The villagers make a living from growing winter crops such as coffee and strawberries. Kiew Hin scenic viewpoint near the village is a great destination for watching the sunrise and sunset.

OTOP to buy: Arabica coffee.

Bang Kla Community in Chachoengsao

The villagers make a living from growing crops and pineapples. Visit Bang Kla floating market located in the middle of the Bang Pakong river, or enjoy relaxing massage sessions while enjoying the beautiful scenery near the river.

OTOP to buy: Grandma Poon crispy noodles, Mae Boon Mee Bing, Neranchala preserved mango.

Ban Sai Khao Community in Pattani

Tour the village by jeep. Visit Khao Rang Kieb scenic viewpoint where Phra Phut Maha Mu Nin Lokkanat is enshrined. Visit a beautiful fountain. Visit Ba Ngow La Nga mosque to see Langkasuka architecture.

OTOP to buy: Sai Khao durian, Saba banana processed products, garcinia, Juan Tani textiles.

4. Textile OTOP products

Suan Turian Community in Songkhla

The community got this name from its large durian plantation.

OTOP to buy: fish textile keychain, Hoo Rood loincloth bag.

Ban Pa Pu Community in Mae Hong Son

This is a Pakakayor Karen community. Their uniquely patterned textile products are made from and dyed with natural resources such as tree bark, leaves, and fruits.

OTOP to buy: Pa Pu textiles.

Ban Khuan Sawan Community in Trang

This community is well known for its unique culture and textile-making technique that has been passed down through many generations. Visit Tham Khao Chang Hai which is a stunning cave of  stalactites. Learn how to make traditional textiles at the Na Muen Sri textile group. Then relax at Phu Lam Peng pool.

OTOP to buy: textile products.

5. Other OTOP products

 On Tai Community in Chiang Mai

This is a peaceful village where visitors can learn how to make floral bouquets to give to monks as an offering. Pay respect to a Buddha image at a teakwood Ubosot with stunning wood carvings.

OTOP to buy: cotton textile products.

Ban La Uoop Community in Mae Hong Son

Visit a Lawa community well known for its textile and silverware products, both of which are made by artisans who have passed down their secret technique for many generations.

OTOP to buy: Lawa textile products, Ban La Uoop silverware products, Ban La Uoop coffee.

Ban San Pa Muang Klang in Phayao

Ban San Pa Muang is a small community where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Phayao as far as your eyes can see. Visit the famous Analayo Temple to see a stunning Sukhothai-style Buddha image. Ride a bicycle around the community to see the captivating scenery of green rice paddies in the afternoon and learn about local fishing in the evening.

OTOP to buy: water hyacinth handicraft products.

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