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Interesting International Events in Thailand


2021-01-19 17:29:35

Are you ready to get to know some interesting international events held in Thailand? In this article, we present you only the best international events that are spectacular in every way, be it the theme or activities of the event. Mark them down on your calendar and see you after COVID-19!

1. Bangkok Valentine’s Party for Singles

Whether you just got through a heartbreak or you are still single but hate loneliness, this event is for you! Bangkok Valentine’s Party for Singles is a Valentine’s Day event where you celebrate the festival of love in a romantic atmosphere at Roots Garden Restaurant & Grill in Bangkok on February 14, 2021. Participants will be served top-notch meals and exclusive wine presented by BB & B.

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2. AustCham Thailand Australia Day Phuket Sundowners

This event is held to celebrate Australia’s national day at Mai Khao Beach in Phuket. Enjoy the festival in Aussie style. Taste food and drinks inspired by Australian cuisine, such as kangaroo pies, Pavlova cakes, and Lamington cakes. Moreover, there are many fun beach activities to enjoy!

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3. World Wai Kru Ceremony

This an event held to pay respect and show gratitude to “Kru Muay Thai” (Muay Thai instructor.) It is a sacred ceremony that has been held since the old days, so it is considered a part of Thailand’s cultural heritage. Not only Thai people, but also foreigners who love Muay Thai participate in the event.

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4. Singha Park ChiangRai International Balloon Fiesta

This is the biggest balloon festival in Southeast Asia which takes place at Singha Park in Chiang Rai. Many beautiful balloons from various nations are presented at the event. Apart from the balloon show, there are other interesting activities such as the Balloon Love Confession, a street art corner, a zipline adventure and a tour around the park.

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5. Long Lay Beach Life Festival

A large and grand festival presented by Cheeze Looker, a leading fashion magazine in Thailand. Experience extreme beach life and enjoy concerts at various venues such as the Whale Stage, the Octopus Stage and the Seahorse Stage, powered by Marshall. Each stage has different and unique charms. Enjoy meeting new Thai and foreign friends and get to know each other through music!

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6. Wonderfruit Music and Arts Festival

Let’s celebrate and show our happiness through art! This event is held by the Wonder Village. This is not only a music festival, but also a place to share your creativity in various branches of art through artworks. The event is well known for its unique stage, which might take more than your eyes to discover the meaning behind its design.

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