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5 Places to Stay with an Amazing View in Satun with the SHA Award


2021-01-21 09:35:48

Let’s enjoy a relaxing holiday in Satun Province, the destination for ocean lovers. Listed below are 5 places to stay that have been awarded the SHA certificate and are surrounded by beautiful scenery. You’ll be impressed by the emerald green ocean and wonderful service that will make your holidays memorable.

1. Chareena Hill Beach Resort

This resort offers bungalows on a beach where you can see the scenery of the Lipe Sea. Chareena Hill Beach Resort is the answer for those who wish to spend their holidays relaxing among nature and enjoying a starry sky at night.

2.  Akira Lipe Resort

This resort is designed in a modern and luxurious style. Enjoy a comfortable stay surrounded by shady and beautiful nature.

3. Ananya Lipe

This resort is the best place to watch a romantic sunrise or sunset on Lipe Island. Enjoy many nighttime activities to light up your night with happiness, or enjoy delicious meals and cocktails to make the most of your holidays.

4. Anda Resort

Designed in Bali style, Anda Resort offers various high-class facilities and fully equipped rooms to create a dream holiday for you. Talk a walk along a white sand beach to watch the stunning sunrise. Dive into the blue underwater world to see abundant coral reefs. If the aforementioned activities make your heart sing with joy, then this place is perfect for you!

5.   The Chic Lipe

Laze around on a sandy beach while taking in the amazing scenery of Lipe Island. The Chic Lipe is the best answer if you are looking for a relaxing holiday and an escape from a busy life. The resort is not far from the main city so you can travel to popular tourist attractions easily from here.

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