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5 Unique Temples in Nan with SHA Award


2021-01-22 17:13:48

Normally, when we think of a gorgeous temple, we think of the golden and sparky one, right? However, there are more charming temples than what we know. Today, we will introduce some uniquely beautiful old temples in Nan that have become a part of Nan history.

1.Wat Phumin

It was known as Wat Phrommin in the past. You can see two Naga sculptures guarding the main hall which was built according to the urban belief in the past of deities guarding sacred places. The highlight of the temple is “Hoop Tam” or a mural depicting the Lord Buddha’s biography, folklores, and the local people’s lifestyle on the four walls inside the main hall.

2. Wat Ming Mueang

This is where Nan province’s city pillar is enshrined. What makes the temple stand out is the intricate stucco wall of the main hall that are made stunningly. Inside the main hall is a very detailed mural depicting Nan people’s lifestyle in the past.

3. Wat Phrathat Chang Kham Worawihan

This is one of the royal temples and one of the largest temples in Nan. It was built in charming northern-style architecture. The vast viharn enshrines a big golden Buddha image named “PhraPhuttaNanthaburi Sri Sakayamuni” which is the Buddha image in the attitude of walking that Nan people highly revere.

4. Wat Sri Pan Ton

This temple with the golden ubosotsparkling beautifully is very well-known in Nan. There is a stunning mural in the ubosot that you should see. It is also another temple in Nan that has a wonderful plaster sculptures, especially the seven-heads Nagas that guard the stairs leading to the ubosot.

5. Wat Hua Khuang

The temple is considered as an archaeological site. There is a famous and sacred archaeological site that dated back for about a thousand years, Phra That Chedi Hua Khuang. There is an urban legend stating that in the past, many local people often saw a glowing orb at the top of the chedi whenever important Buddhist days came near, so the local people greatly revere the chedi.

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