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Wang Krot: Charming Old Community in Phichit with SHA Award

披集府获得SHA标识的迷人老社区—Wang Krot

2021-01-27 14:14:09

Wang Krot is an old community that are awarded the SHA certificate located in Ban Bung sub-district,Phicit province.The small but charming community that dated back to King Rama V still conserves old buildings and traditions, so you will feel as if you had stepped back into the past. Wang Krot is one of the most important commercial area in Phichit due to its location that is accessible by land and water. When the community was first established, most of the villagers were Chinese merchants. For that reason, it becomes a trade community as well as Chinese community. Although Wang Krot no longer participates in trade, you can still see the remnant of the past at every corner of the village.

Wander around the village where the old but charming, two-stories wooden house lines up along the lively path full of tourists. Many old buildings are now open as a restaurant or shops. Enjoy many delicious local foods as you walk through the street, for example, Auntie Tao tapioca balls with pork filling, Auntie Lung Pad Thai, Je Kamlai oyster omelet, Tai Ha noodles, Je Yee pork satay, Je Chawee shaved ice, Sai Lui pickled lime juice, and many more dishes to try out. Don’t forget to visit Wang Klom Shrine before ending the trip and pay respect for your good fortune.

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