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Cultural Centers in Udon Thani with SHA Award


2021-01-28 09:46:18

Udon Thani is a province rich in culture, as well as where the world heritage site is located. Today, we recommend great cultural centers that are awarded the SHA certificate. Every place is an important part of Udon Thani province’s history. Learn about Udon Thani’s culture and history through these places that the local people has conserved greatly.

1. National Museum of Ban Chiang

The museum collects many antiques which are considered as the world heritage of Thailand. Learn about the history of human in the past through many antiques such as earthenware, tools, daily life items, and Wat Sri Pho archaeological excavation site; all of which are the evidence of pre-historic human settlement in Southeast Asia.

Business hours: Wed – Sun 09.00am – 04.00pm

2. Ban Chiang Cultural Conservation Homestay group

After visiting the museum, this is the next best place to visit. Learn about the history of Ban Chiang while staying at a friendly homestay. Learn about the history of pre-historic earthenware. The villagers have conserved their local knowledge and culture to this day. For that reason, this place is considered as the world heritage attraction.

Business hours: open daily 08.00am – 05.00pm

3. Ban Non Kok OTOP Tourism Village

Ban Non Kok is a charming local community well-known for their textile products. This is a one-stop destination if you want to learn about Esan textile made by the villagers’ wisdom; be it a blue tie-dyed fabric, ikat fabric, how to weave fabric and make into clothes, etc. The community also sells stunning textile products which are the best choice for a souvenir.

Business hours: open daily 09.00am – 06.00pm

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