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2021-01-28 10:50:56

During quarantine, there are many ways to kill boredom; be it playing games, watching movies, or simply sleeping. Apart from these activities, reading books is another interesting pastime. Did you know that reading books helps to stimulate your brain and improve your memory as well as slowing down and preventing the risk of getting Alzheimer’s, so it is very useful. Today, we have many e-books about tourism in Thailand to recommend to you. Let’s see what we have in the list!

1. Gastronomy Tourism

One thing to do when traveling to various places that brings tourists happiness is obviously trying something new. This book introduces you to a new experience to taste charming local food in 10 provinces from the north to the south. If you have the chance, try following the route in this book and go on a gastronomic trip yourself! We guarantee that you will be greatly impressed!

Read the book at:

2. Awesome Muay Thai

Those who love Muay Thai shouldn’t miss this book, which recommends Muay Thai training camps and equipment, as well as where to watch Muay Thai bouts and everything about Muay Thai. This is one of the best martial arts in Thailand and many people’s favourite sport. Let’s get to know more about Muay Thai!

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3. Love is a Journey

A wise man once said, “Love cannot be made to happen, but travelling with love can.” This book is written exclusively for couples who love travelling and are in search of great destinations and activities to do. Any couples who are planning a trip should read this book!

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4. 55 Amazing Secondary Cities

Many people have probably heard of these 55 cities but have never been there to experience their charms. This book will introduce you to these dream-like cities that are so amazing you will mistake Earth for Heaven. Let’s get to know these less-visited cities together!

Read the book at:

5. Me myself & Thailand

This book is exclusively for those who love travelling alone! It takes you on a backpacking trip around Thailand to enjoy amazing experiences at many special destinations specifically picked for you! Let’s go and experience the charm of Thailand together!

Read the book at:

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