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Thai Cultural Events in April


2021-01-28 11:55:13

The blazing sun in the sky is a sign that April and summer have arrived. At this time of the year, many people are searching for activities to do and destinations to go to escape from the heat. For that reason, “Songkran Festival” has become the symbol of Thai people in April.


Songkran Festival is the most famous cultural event in Thailand that tourists all around the world know. The event has many types of activities for tourists to do and get away from the heat, while getting to know Thai people’s lifestyle at the same time. Songkran Festival is Thai new year according to Thai belief. It is an event to show gratitude and respect to elder family members. Although how people celebrate Songkran Festival varies from regions to regions over Thailand, the overall event is still unique and memorable. During the festival period, people follow the old belief of welcoming the new year by holding a sacred ceremony called “Srong Nam” (pouring water on objects). The water is a symbol representing respect and gratitude. For that reason, pouring water on Buddha images and elder people, is considered as showing your respect and gratitude to them. Some local region also holds an event called “carrying sand into a temple” and make sand sculptors. The most popular part of the event is the water festival where people happily splash water at each other to lessen the summer heat.


Every part of Thailand holds Songkran Festival. Each region has their own charming festival representing their local culture and belief. One the most popular places to visit is “Rattanakosin Sonkran Festival'' in Bangkok. Activities include a mockup Songkran Festival from 4 regions, Thai-style Songkran Festival, pouring water on Buddha images, paying respect to sacred deities, and sightseeing around the gorgeous temple, as well as join a water fight with other people. If you haven’t had enough, visit “Wan Lai Sonkran Festival” in Chonburi next. Wan Lai Sonkran Festival activities include making sand sculptors, local Thai sport competition, many cultural shows, fun water fight on a beach. If you want more, go to “Phra Pradaeng Songkran Festival” in Samut Prakan. It is Songkran Festival of Mon-Thai people. Activities include Takaab Flag procession, Look Saba game (traditional local game), Thai caramel ceremony, etc.


April is a month of the joyous festival “Songkran”. Experience Thai belief and culture representing gratitude and respect, as well as conserving Buddhism. Songkran Festival is a wonderful cultural event that combines culture and belief of Thai people from different regions together. Thus, it becomes one the best cultural events in Thailand worth a visit. 

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