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Street Arts in Thailand


2021-01-28 14:42:25

One branches of arts that more people are showing their interest into is “street art” which is an art on a wall different from the usual art. Each street art has its own charm. There are many places to visit if you love street art, both in Bangkok and in other provinces.


1. Saphan Taksin Station

At the exit no. 1 of Saphan Taksin Station (Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok side), you can see gorgeous street art on a pink wall that are belonged to Mister Daann Botlek. Although some part is hidden behind a parking car, its charm can’t be completely hidden!

2. Bang Rak – Charoenkrung district

This is the road of street art that street art lovers should visit. You can see creative street art at almost alley, for example, there is a stunning street art at Soi Charoenkrung 32 belonged to Thai artist “Alex Face”, and the street at Soi Charoenkrung 30 belonged to Mister Sten & Lex who are an Italian artist, etc. Most importantly, there are many chic cafés around here to take a rest after your long walk!

3. Soi Nana, Wong Wien 22

This is a small alley full of beautiful street art depicting local people’s life and more. There are interesting workshops to do for street art lovers and many cute cafés to visit too.

4. LHONG 1919

This is the latest popular destination on a bank of Chao Phraya River. Not only you will see gorgeous Thai and Chinese style architecture, but you will also see many Chinese-style street art!

5. Aong Aang Canal

This is a street art with a concept of “connecting people to street art”. Moreover, there is a lively walking street to visit too.

6. BTS Ratchathewi

Many people probably have already seen this place “Chaloemla Gardens” which is a street art show in the middle of Bangkok that street art lovers from all over love to take photos with.

7. Phasi Charoen Canal

There is a street art that tells a story of Phasi Charoen people’s life created by charity graffiti artists, starting from Wat Pak Nam (Wat Phasi Charoen) to Ratchapruk bridge near BTS Bang Wa.

8. Pipit Banglamphu Museum

This is a museum that exhibits a history of an old community in Banglamphu district. You’ll get to see beautiful street art while learning about the history of this famous district.

Other provinces

1. Wisdom Field (Tak province)

This is an art gallery free of charge to visit. There are many great spots for taking photos while sightseeing a stunning graffiti. Stop by a coffee to have a rest before going to the world of art!

2. Street art in Chiang Mai

There are many street arts to find around the old Chiang Mai city. You will find many beautiful graffities as you wander around this lively city.

3. Street art in Songkhla

At the old Songkhla city, you can see many cool graffities along a road so this place is many street lovers’ favorite place to visit.

4. Cat Town (Ratchaburi)

The town got this cute name from many unique and adorable graffities of cats from all species. The cat street art is located behind the Contemporary Art Centre.

5. Sino-Portuguese Town (Phuket)

There are many chic street arts hidden around the Sino-Portuguese style town. For that reason, this town is one of the most street art places.

6. Chanthaboon Waterfront (Chanthaburi)

Sightseeing many cool graffities around this vintage community situated by a river.

7. Street art in Lopburi

Lopburi has more than (lot of) monkeys! Because it is a city of monkeys, most street arts in Lopburi are about monkeys and their lives. At Lopburi Waterworks Authority, there is a street art under the concept “The Color of Lopburi” created by more than 30 artists waiting for street art lovers to discover.

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