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Travel & Learn: Let’s Get to Know Thailand!


2021-01-28 14:51:00

Indoor show type 

1. Siam Niramit Bangkok

Siam Niramit is a popular cultural show in Thailand. Not only it shows many beautiful aspects of Thai culture through magnificent shows, but it is also hailed as one of the best cultural shows in the world by people of all countries. Moreover, it was recorded in the Guinness World Records as a cultural show with the largest stage. They use many special effects along with a stunning performance and music to present Thai culture through the world-class show.

2. Muay Thai Live - The Legend Lives

This is a stage show that highlights Thai culture “Muay Thai” through an amazing stag play. It is a unique and new method of presenting Muay Thai to foreigners and conserving Thai culture. The stage play takes place at The Stage Theatre at ASIATIQUE The Riverfront. The show is available every day (except Monday) starting from 08.00pm onwards.

3. Phuket FantaSea

This is an entertaining show loved by people of all ages and genders. The show tells a story of Thai legends and folklores through a stunning performance and international-standard stage techniques such as elephant caravan, thrilling stunt show, and aerobatic show.

Ticket price:


  Watch the show + buffet dinner = 1,100 baht net

  Watch the show only        = 900 baht net


  Watch the show + buffet dinner = 1,000 baht net

  Watch the show only        = 900 baht net

Tourism activities type

1. Ride a bicycle at Ayutthaya

Let’s get to know one of the most prominent historic periods of Thailand “Ayutthaya era” by riding a bicycle touring around Ayutthaya Historical Park. It is a great trip that can be done in a day and located not far from Bangkok. Sightsee many magnificent archaeological sites and learn about Ayutthaya history. This is the prefect trip for history lovers because you get to see the real archaeological sites which gives off a different feel from visiting museums.

2. Hop-on hop-off bus

Tour around the popular districts in Bangkok by a bus. The bus will take you through many old town districts and cultural attractions such as Sanam Luang, Wat Tri Mit, Sao Chingcha, Wat Bawornnives, Khaosan Road, Siam Square, Central World, etc. You can listen to a narration about each place through a headphone with 8 languages to choose from (Thai, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, English, German, French, and Spanish). Moreover, there is an application named “Elephant Go Go” which provides tourism services such as GPS and destination recommendations that will make tourists’ journey in search of Thai culture easy like never before.

Ticket price:

  One Day pass 800 baht

  Two Day Pass 1,200 baht

  Three Day Pass 1,500 baht

3. Bussaracum Royal Thai Cuisine

Learn how to make authentic royal Thai cuisine! Thai cuisine is another aspect of Thailand loved by many people due to the variety types of dishes and its heavenly taste. At Bussaracum restaurant, not only you can enjoy an authentic royal Thai cuisine and Thai desserts, but you can also sign up to learn how to make the dishes yourself! This place is very popular among foreigners!

Historical destination and local life destination type

1. Khum Khantoke Chiang Mai

Get to know the charming Lanna culture through delicious and unique northern dishes. The meal is served on “Khantoke” which is a Thai-style low table for serving meals. Enjoy authentic Lanna local foods while watching a beautiful local cultural show.

2. Thai Buffalo Conservation Village (Ban Kwai)

Learn everything about buffalo which is an animal that has been with Thai people for a long time. Enjoy tourism activities such as learning about a buffalo conservation and Thai agriculture. If you want to experience Thai farmer’s life, growing rice and raising buffalos and cows, then you should check this place out!

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (Headquarters)
1600 New Phetchaburi Road Makkasan Ratchathewi Bangkok 10400
TAT Contact Center 1672

1600 New Phetchaburi Road Makkasan Ratchathewi Bangkok 10400
TAT 联络中心 1672