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Rent a Car: Where & How?


2021-01-28 15:20:13

What is car rental service?

Car rental is popular among tourists who travel by a plane and want to rent a car for traveling at their destination. There are many channels to rent a car such as through a website, making a call, or by an application. The car rental company will bring the car to customer at an airport and take the car back from designated pick-up point. Conditions may vary from companies to companies.


1. Save time

Rather than wasting your time waiting for public transportation, you can easily travel to your destinations any time you feel like. Moreover, you can stop along the way too if you want!

2. Safe and confident

Standard rental cars must be a new, clean, safe, and great performance car; for the safety of customers.

3. Save your energy

No more getting tired after driving across provinces because car rental service is available at almost every province in Thailand, so your journey will be a lot easier!


1. Cost

By renting a car, you must strictly follow a company’s conditions such as retuning schedule or no damaging car, or else you will face a scary fee.

2. Route

If you have a reliable navigating application then you don’t have to worry about this topic. If not, however, you might need extra time to prepare the route in advance to prevent getting lost!

Where to rent a car?

To rent a car, there are many things you have to consider first, for example, a company’s credit, reliable documents and contact system, as well as service and other special offers.

Great technique for renting a car

1. Reliability

There are many car rental service companies and each has their own character. You should take their price, service, and company status into consideration. Check in advance whether the company is reliable or not by comparing with other companies.

2. Car condition

Check to see that the car is in good condition and has standard safety system such as ABS and airbag. You may inquire for car checklist to thoroughly check the car condition before renting.

3. Customer service

Choose a company that place importance in customer service, and can reassure customers by providing first-class insurance or can contact 24 hours.

Recommended car rental service website

1. Drivemate 

Drivemate is available in more than 45 provinces over Thailand. Offer daily and monthly rental cars, or car with driver. There are many types of cars for rent. The company’s advantage is no binding contact for monthly rental which means you can change the car 1 time per month.

website :

2. Drivehub 

This is a hub of car rental service companies according to the national standards. There is a system that connects to car catalogs of the companies over Thailand.

website :


This is a car rental service the Toyota company. All cars for rent are a Toyota-brand car from all series. The company prioritizes full service and taking care of every step and payment such as miles checking, battery changing, tires changing, 24-hours help center, etc. This is one of very reliable companies!

website :

4. Kayak 

Offer many types of cars for rent. Moreover, you can choose your destination and compare the price with other companies.

website :

5. ECOCAR rent-a-car 

This is the first green rental car service company in Thailand that offers eco cars for rent. Every car is in good condition and good for environment. The company has a great customer service and available in 10 branched over Thailand.

website :

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