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Tourist Attractions to Visit in Khon Kaen with SHA Award


2021-01-28 17:45:06

Khon Kaen is a homeland of the famous Phu Wieng dinosaur. However, Khon Kaen doesn’t have only dinosaur fossils. There are other interesting tourist attractions to visit too! Every listed place has received the SHA certificate so we guarantee that you will have a safe trip.

1. Phu Wiang Dinosaur Museum

The place is divided into a research center and dinosaur museum. Visit many exhibitions and learn about the history of dinosaur fossils, the exploration and discovery of dinosaur fossils, and the conservation of dinosaur fossils. There is a souvenir shops for tourists. All in all, if you want to learn about fossils then you must visit this place!

Business hours: Tue – Sun 09.30am – 04.30pm (Close on Monday)

2. Natural History Museum, Khon Kaen University

This is a museum exhibiting many aspects of natural history. Some example of the exhibitions are the solar system, Esan region evolution, Esan forest ecosystems, animal show, architectures in animal world, and how mankind can live in harmony with nature.

Business hours: Tue – Sun 09.30am – 07.30pm (Close on Monday)

3. Khon Kaen Zoo

Not far away from Khon Kaen city is a great tourist attraction where you can learn about wildlife, Khon Kaen Zoo. Tour around the zoo with a tour service by the zoo, or tour around the zoo by yourself with a golf cart. The highlight of Khon Kaen Zoo is a sky walk where tourists can enjoy feeding giraffes.

Business hours: open daily 08.30am – 04.30pm

4. Coffee Der La Khon Kaen University Branch

This is a popular coffee shop in Khon Kaen well-known for their coffee bean picking specialty. The café is designed in a relaxing homey style that people who want to escape from hectic city will love. Recommended menu is definitely homemade bakeries.

Business hours: open daily 08.00am – 08.00pm

5. Just Follow the Goat

This is a coffee shop that chooses only the best coffee beans from a premium roasting coffee factory. Every cup is made by a professional barista so every cup taste heavenly. You can smell the sweet fragrance of roasted coffee at the first step into the café. The café is decorated in a European barn style with black color and red color tone that gives off a mature feel. Their coffee still smells great and “coffee” even after adding ice or milk.

Business hours: open daily 08.00am – 04.00pm

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