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Homestay Ban Phu: Charming Community in Mukdahan with SHA Award

莫达汉府获得SHA标识的魅力社区—Homestay Ban Phu

2021-01-29 09:30:56

If you want to experience something new, try staying at a homestay instead of a hotel is a good idea. Experience charming local lifestyle at “Homestay Ban Phu” in Mukdahan. The homestay has received the SHA certificate so we guarantee that you will have a safe trip. At Homestay Ban Phu, tourists get learn about Ban Phu Community’s tradition and culture that the villagers have been conserved for many generations. Learn about their language, local games, and traditional clothes such as Sin Tew textile, blue tie-dyed with red rim textile, and wearing Sabai on the left side.

Their culture is interesting to get to know too, especially cultural dance and game, for example, local children games, Tum Drum procession, the ceremony of welcome. Learn about their local art and craftworks from skilled artisans, for example, textile work, carved work, basketry, etc. Next, learn about their charming cultural events in twelve months (Heet Sib Song, Khlong Sib See). Different cultural event is held in each month according to Esan people’s belief. Last but not least, participate in various workshops to get to know Ban Phu through interesting activities: learn how to make tie-dyed fabric from tree barks and leaves, learn how to make herbal soaps, learn how to make basketries, learn how to make local instrument, learn about local children game and how to play it, learn about local ecosystem by gathering local herbs at a nearby mountain, and participate in Bai Sri Su Kwan (the ceremony of welcome).

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