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Arrival in Thailand: What to Expect?


2020-12-19 09:46:00

As of December 2020, Thailand has opened the border and allowed tourists from all around the world to enter regardless of the COVID-19 situation in their country of origin. However, visitors must comply with pandemic preventive measures and regulations before arrival, arriving, and after arrival. In our other articles, we have talked about necessary processes and documents required for entering. Here we will walk you through all the new normal steps one must comply after arriving in Thailand.

1. Inspection of travel and immigration documents

- visitors’ documents for entering Thailand will be inspected.

2. A screening procedures

- visitors have their body temperature checked.

- visitors will be questioned about their medical information and recent travel history.

*In the event that visitor’s body temperature is over 37.5 degrees Celsius, or if the visitors have a symptom of coughing, sneezing, shortness of breath, and/or difficulty breathing, they will get a swab test to identify virus. The procedure for the test itself and the result afterwards does not take long. If the test is negative, visitors may proceed to the next steps. If the test is positive, however, the visitor will be referred to a hospital for treatment.

3. Inspection of more documents

- Visitors’ documents are further inspected including Certificate of Entry, health insurance, COVID-19 free certificate and Fit-to-Fly certificate, both of which must be signed no more than 72 hours before departure.

4. Visitors’ name will be checked to see if you are in the ASQ or ALSQ list.

5. Visitors will answer questions and have their passports checked as usual.

6. Off to grab your bags!

You are now officially arriving in Thailand! Next, you will be transferred to your chosen ASQ or ALSQ hotel by the hotel’s transport service where you will undergo quarantine for two weeks.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (Headquarters)
1600 New Phetchaburi Road Makkasan Ratchathewi Bangkok 10400
TAT Contact Center 1672

1600 New Phetchaburi Road Makkasan Ratchathewi Bangkok 10400
TAT 联络中心 1672