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Benjarong Cup: Great for Practical Use and for Decoration


2020-12-23 17:06:02


Benjarong ceramics are five-star OTOP products made by the villagers from the Don Ki Di Community in Samut Sakhon. In 2003, after their products were recognized worldwide, they established what is now known as the Don Ki Di Benjarong Community. “Benjarong” means five colours, so Benjarong wares are housewares painted with five colours. Their patterns, which depict unique aspects of Thai lifestyle and culture, are drawn by skilled artisans who have passed down the technique from generation to generation.

Nowadays, the Don Ki Di Benjarong Community is open as a tourist attraction. You can visit the Benjarong Centre and learn how to make Benjarong wares, paint your own Benjarong wares and take them home as a souvenir, or buy exquisite Benjarong wares from local shops in the village.

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