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Multicultural Thailand: Small City, Big People, Varied Cultures


2020-12-25 11:08:28

Let’s get to know Thailand

Although Thailand is a small country on the world map, it is rich in a variety of cultures, traditions, languages, and foods. From the past to the present, these varieties have merged into one nation called “Thailand”. Let’s get to know Thailand through its multicultural aspects.

More than Thai language

The charm of the Thai language is evident to all non-Thai nationals, especially in its intonation marks, vowel length, and syllables. Did you know that more than 80 per cent of the Thai language spoken widely today derives from Sanskrit, Pali, and Khmer? These languages have been through many changes from country to country since ancient times, which have resulted in the language that Thai people use nowadays. Moreover, there are other words that originated from countries that used to negotiate with Thailand in the past, for example, To (table) and Kuai Tiaw (noodle) originated from Chinese, Sang Te (Prison)  from French, while Sa Boo (sabão - soap) and Karamae (caramelo) originated from Portuguese.

More than Buddhism

In the past, Thailand was part of a land named Suvarnabhumi. While Thailand was called Suvarnabhumi, beliefs and cultures were mostly from local regions that worshipped spirits or nature. Later on Hinduism and Buddhism, as well as their cultures, traditions, and rituals, merged into Thai society until it became the unique Thai culture and beliefs that we know nowadays.

More than Thai foods that captivate the world

Thai foods also reflect the variety of Thai culture. Each regional food represents the diversity of nationalities and tastes from one region to another. For example, the food of the northeastern and southern regions have a strong taste because of these regions’ hot weather, while the food of the northern region doesn’t taste as strong as the others due to the region’s cold weather.

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