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10 Thai Slangs to Really “Get” the Thais


2020-12-25 11:25:09

It’s time to update your Thai slang dictionary! If you ever come across these Thai slangs on social media, don’t be confused! Let’s learn their meanings together!


Phonetic transcription: kɛɛŋ

English transcription: Kaeng

Meaning: Trick other people to believe in what you say or trick them to do what you want.

English equivalent: Trick


Phonetic transcription: khɔ̌ɔŋ man tɔ̂ŋ mii

English transcription: Khong Man Tong Mi

Meaning: Things that you must have or must buy; don’t-miss-out items.

English equivalent: I must have this


Phonetic transcription: cay baaŋ

English transcription: Chai Bang

Meaning: The feeling when you see someone you like.

English equivalent: (Your heart) skip a beat


Phonetic transcription: yʉʉn nʉ̀ŋ

English transcription: Yuen Nueng

Meaning: Used to describe a person who stand out in some topic such as never arriving late or very fashionable.

English equivalent: Number one (at)


Phonetic transcription: kèŋ

English transcription: Keng

Meaning: Used as an adverb to describe excessive actions such as talking non-stop.

English equivalent: No exact equivalent, depend on the verb such as talkative or gluttonous.

ไอ้ต้าว / น้อง

Phonetic transcription: ây tao

English transcription: Ai Tao

Meaning: Used as a pronoun to call cute animals or people.

English equivalent: Little e.g., little kitten or little puppy


Phonetic transcription: thua loŋ

English transcription: Thua Long

Meaning: A situation where many people comment on someone’s social media post and it becomes a chaos.

English equivalent: No exact word


Phonetic transcription: kəən tâan

English transcription: Koen Tan

Meaning: Someone or something that effects your feeling in a positive way such as too cute kitten.

English equivalent: No exact word

พัก / พักก่อน

Phonetic transcription: phák / phák kɔ̀ɔn

English transcription: Phak / Phak Kon

Meaning: Stop doing whatever you are doing.

English equivalent: Take a rest


Phonetic transcription: pen

English transcription: pen

Meaning: An adverb used to describe the degree of action such as very hungry.

English equivalent: Very

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