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7 Restaurants in Samut Songkhram with SHA Award for Seafood Lovers

夜功府 (Samut Songkhram)7家 获得SHA标识,适合海鲜爱好者的餐厅

2020-12-25 11:47:13

In this article, we’ll take you to Samut Songkhram and enjoy tasty seafood meals at romantic, serene, and private restaurants that have been awarded the SHA certificate.

1. Kiang Thale Restaurant

This restaurant is located near the Don Hoi Lot sandbar. When the water level goes down, you can walk on the sandbar and collect razor shells. Enjoy a delicious meal while looking out over beautiful scenery.

Business hours: open daily 09.00am – 07.00pmร้านอาหารเคียงทะเล-153630474847898/

2. Baan Khun Tawii Restaurant

Baan Khun Tawii used to be the residence of Khun Tawii Rachasap, a nobleman, but now it has been renovated as a Thai restaurant. Located by the Mae Klong River, the restaurant offers meals, beverages, and desserts. Enjoy your meal while relaxing by the river.

Business hours: open daily 10.00am – 09.00pm (closed on Tuesday)

3. Ranjuan Amphawa

Ranjuan Amphawa offers creative seafood dishes inspired by local fishermen that will take you back to your childhood. The restaurant uses high-quality ingredients from Amphawa District to make local Thai cuisine that is suitable for everyone.

Business hours: open daily 11.00am – 09.00pm 

4. Nong Um Restaurant

Nong Um Restaurant is located by the Mae Klong River not far from the Amphawa floating market and King Rama II Memorial Park. It offers fresh seafood dishes at a fair price.

Business hours: open daily 10.00am – 09.30pm

5. Lung Khan Restaurant

Lung Khan Restaurant was the first restaurant to be established at Don Hoi Lot. The signature dish is stir-fried spicy razor shells, which is a must-order for every visitor. There are many other seafood dishes that visitors should try too.

Business hours: open dailyร้านลุงขันธ-ดอนหอยหลอด-184142321704707/

6. Chal Sam Ran

Chal Sam Ran offers Thai cuisine and seafood. Located by the Mae Klong River, the restaurant was renovated from a vintage-style wooden house. There is a large wooden terrace protruding over the river where you can feel a cool breeze. Enjoy a variety of seafood and local dishes to your heart’s content.

Business hours: open daily 11.00am – 09.00pm

7. Asita eco Resort Restaurant

This resort’s restaurant offers Thai and international cuisine. It’s a great choice for healthy eaters because the restaurant uses only chemical-free vegetables to follow the restaurant’s concept of “stay green, eat clean”

Business hours: open daily

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