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Recommended Prachin Buri Souvenirs with SHA Award

巴真府(Prachin Buri)获得SHA标识的纪念品商店推荐

2020-12-25 11:49:12

What should you buy when you visit Prachin Buri? In this article, we recommend two places to buy souvenirs that have been awarded the SHA certificate. First, let’s visit an herb museum that promotes traditional Thai medication. Then we’ll visit a sedge-mat community that injects Thainess into their products to make national craftworks. Both places’ products would be fitting as a souvenir for your loved ones.

1. Abhaibhubejhr Thai Traditional Medicine Museum

This magnificent yellow Baroque building is a museum exhibiting the art of healing by herbs mixed with contemporary medicine. Apart from the museum, the place also provides many health-related services, for example a spa, a health-food restaurant, a pharmacy, processed herb products and cosmetics. The museum helps to support the local community that grows herbs and promotes itself as a heath tourism destination that everyone can visit. Buy herb products as a souvenir for your loved ones!

Business hours: open daily 08.30am – 04.00pm 

2. Baan Bang Phluang Sedge Mat Community Enterprise

Baan Bang Phluang is a community that has a deep connection with sedge, the local resource for making sedge mats. Nowadays, the villagers have developed their products from an ordinary sedge mat into a variety of new sedge products, for example pillows, sandals, handbags and lamps. The villagers also decorate the sedge products with silk fabric, sarongs and Pha Khao Ma to make them more modern. The sedge products are now exported to various foreign countries. Visitors can participate in a workshop about making sedge products taught by the villagers or see sedge farming in action. Don’t forget to buy sedge products as a souvenir before going home. There are more than 100 sedge items to choose from!

Business hours: 09.00am – 05.00pm

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