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Go Back into the Past at Ban Rachan Retro Market with SHA Award

与获得SHA标识的Ban Rachan复古集市一起穿越回到过去

2020-12-25 13:25:51

Relive the Bang Rachan period at Ban Rachan, a retro market located in Sing Buri. Enjoy wandering around the market while wearing traditional clothes. Get to know many traditional Thai dishes and Thai desserts that are rare nowadays. The market has been awarded the SHA certificate so tourists can rest assured that their visit will be safe!

The market

Located in Wat Pho Kao Ton, the market has a theme whereby every vendor wears traditional clothes from the Bang Rachan era and speaks traditional Thai language like in the past. Relive the past as you wander around the market.

The goods

Ban Rachan Retro Market sells various souvenirs and fish dishes, one of which is the popular sun-dried snakehead murrel, known locally as Mae La Pa Dad Diew. Found also in the market are traditional Thai foods and rare desserts, for example Kanom Khai Tao, Kanom Kong and Kanom Sam Kloe.


The highlight

The highlight of Ban Rachan Retro Market is a live show of the historical events when Bang Rachan villagers bravely defended their home from a siege by Burmese warriors. Apart from that, there are other cultural activities that the community conserves to pass on to the next generations. Another highlight, obviously, is wearing traditional clothes, which can be rented in the market and then you can take photos to your heart’s content.

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