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Visit 6 Temples with SHA Award in Chachoengsao to Raise Your Fortune Up


2020-12-25 13:27:02

Chachoengsao is known as “The land of belief”. We are taking you to 6 temples in Chachoengsao which are enshrined with sacred relics and have been worshipped by the locals for a long time. Let’s pray for success, work, health and love while appreciating the artistry of Thai architecture.

1. Wat Pak Nam Jolo

We bet you cannot find any completely golden ubosot that looks as splendid as this, because it is the only one in Thailand. What attracts people to come here is how beautiful it is and its murals that were drawn in ancient times.

2. Wat Saman Rattanaram

This temple is enshrined with the biggest pink Lord Ganesh image, (height 16 metres, width 14 metres) in Thailand in a reclining posture and with a joyful face. Some Thais who worship Lord Ganesh as the god of success and as the remover of obstacles usually visit this temple to pray for their wishes (mostly about work). Before leaving, don’t forget to whisper into Mooshika’s ear (in the myth, it’s the mouse which is the vehicle of Lord Ganesh) because he would tell all the wishes to Lord Ganesh and the lord would grant anything you want.

3. Wat Nakhon Nueang Ket (Wat Ton Tan)

Walking into the temple compound, you will see an elegant ubosot that was built from earthen ceramics, and if you step inside the ubosot, you’ll see admirable images of Buddha and King Rama V that are revered by local people. 

4. Wat Phuttha Phrom Yan

Wat Phuttha Phrom Yan is located on an island in the middle of the Bang Pakong river. The calm and quiet atmosphere and stunning architecture of the temple are what people come for.

5. Wat Veera Choti Thammaram

Let’s visit this beautiful crystal ubosot, which is located in the middle of a marsh, surrounded by Vessuvana and elegantly decorated with mirrors.

6. Wat Uphia Pha Tikaram

This temple is a Mahayana Buddhist temple as you might find in China. It is enshrined with Luang Pho To (Sam Bo Gong), a Buddha image that is prayed to by Thai and Thai-Chinese people seeking good fortune.

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