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9 Thai Snacks to Bring Back Home.


2020-12-25 13:32:25

If you visit Thailand frequently, you must know already that Thailand has lots of tasty food and snacks worthy of buying as souvenirs. However, if this is your first time in Thailand and you have no idea what to buy, here is a list of cool Thai snacks to take back home!

1. Tao Kae Noi Seaweed

One of the most popular Thai snacks is no doubt Tao Kae Noi Seaweed. This fried seaweed is delicious! You can take it with you anywhere and enjoy it at any time. Even better, Tao Kae Noi comes in different flavours for you to choose whichever you like. We guarantee that it is one of the best souvenirs to buy! 

2. Bento Squid

If we are to talk about the most popular, common, and tasty Thai snacks, then Bento squid is definitely on the list. This snack is made from dried and pressed squid. The secret of its popularity is in its sauce that tastes spicy and slightly sweet combined with a squid fragrance. We guarantee that you will want to try it a second time after the first taste.

3. Durian Crisps

Durians are a strong-smelling fruit that many foreigners find unpleasant. However, did you know that the unripe fruit can be eaten as a snack by slicing and frying its flesh (like potato crisps)? Durian crisps are delicious without any seasoning. They are a favourite snack for Thais even though they are quite expensive.

4. Thai Tea

Thai tea is a famous beverage that you should try if you are in Thailand. Its popularity has reached the point of making a name for itself. If you brew fragrant Thai tea with milk, you’ll get an orange-coloured tea which is Thailand’s signature tea. If you have fallen in love with this Thai tea but you can’t buy it in your home country, just buy it in Thailand and brew it yourself! Just like other teas, Thai tea can be brewed without adding anything, or by adding milk, cream and sugar to add fragrance and sweetness to produce authentic Thai tea.

5. Instant noodles (MAMA)

You may ask “Why should I buy instant noodles when they can be found in my home country too?” It is true that every country has its own instant noodles but the flavour varies from country to country. In Thailand, we have countless flavours of instant noodles to enjoy, for example, Tom Yum Kung, green curry, and Thai suki. Or if you prefer dry instant noodles, we also have spicy stir-fried flavour and many more. It’s not a bad idea to buy a pack as a souvenir, right?

6. Koh Kae Peanuts

This is another snack that has been with Thai people for a long time (44 years). Koh Kae are roasted peanuts with various flavours to choose from. You can eat them anywhere at any time. Some countries do import Koh Kae peanuts to sell in minimarts but if you can’t find them at home then you’d better buy them in Thailand.

7. Crispy Insects

No doubt every foreigner has wondered at least once whether these things are edible or not. The answer is, yes, they are edible and very delicious too! Although they don’t look appetizing because they are, well, insects, frying and seasoning them makes for an amazing dish! Usually, crispy insects are sold by street vendors so they can’t be kept for long. If you want to buy them as a souvenir to take back home, some 7-11s in Thailand sell them in a package.

8. Mango Paste

This snack looks very ordinary but its taste is not! Mango paste doesn’t need anything else because it is really tasty just to eat alone. It is made from ripe mangoes stirred until they become sticky and then dried in the sun to set. After that, it is cut into a small sheet and rolled. Its sweet and sour taste combined with a mango fragrance makes mango paste the perfect yummy snack.

9. Milk Tablets

Although they are just milk tablets, they are full of calcium. They make a perfect snack for munching or even sucking in your mouth like a sweet. They might not be as sweet as you expect, but their milk fragrance and flavour are guaranteed to exceed your expectations!

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