A Journey along the Chao Phraya River

在本文中,我们将带您游览湄南河(Chao Phraya River)沿岸的9个主要码头,您可以在那里下车并参观附近的许多旅游景点!

2020-12-25 13:40:36

In this article, we will take you on a trip through the nine main piers located along the Chao Phraya River where you can hop off the ferry and visit many nearby tourist attractions!

1. Sathon Pier

Let’s start the trip at Sathorn Pier. Buy a ticket from the blue counter and inform the ticket seller that you want to buy a ticket for “a blue-flag boat”. Before hopping onto the boat, you can visit Wat Yannawa, which is only a 10-minute walk away from the pier.

2. River City Pier

The next pier is located near the Royal Orchid Sheraton hotel. Most tourists stop at this pier to have a meal and use the restroom. This pier is also where tourists can hop onto the Chao Phraya Cruise.

3. LHONG 1919 Pier

An old warehouse that has been renovated as a chic tourist attraction, LHONG 1919 Pier is a place recommended for photography lovers. There are many restaurants and shops to visit, as well as the highly-revered Ma Zhou Goddess shrine that vendors often come to pay respect to. Come in the evening if you want to avoid Thailand’s infamous scorching hot weather!

4. Ratchawong Pier

This pier is located not far from the popular shopping district of Sampheng and Yaowarat, which is well-known as a wholesale market and street food district. In the evening, Yaowarat Road is closed to traffic so tourists can walk from Sampheng to Yaowarat and vice versa in a few minutes. Other interesting tourist attractions are Wat Mangkon Kamalawat (also known as Wat Leng Noei Yi), a famous Chinese temple. and the Phahurat Market, which is a big fabric market; most vendors here are Indian so there are many Indian restaurants at a fair price to try out.

5. Pak Khlong Talad Pier

Also known as Yodpiman Pier, this pier is located by Pak Khlong Talad which is the biggest flower market in Bangkok, selling flower bouquets, flower garlands, and ornamental plants. Located not far from here is Saphan Phut (Phra Phuttha Yodpha Bridge) where tourists can see a stunning panoramic view of the Chao Phraya River.

6. Wat Arun Pier (Wat Pho Pier)

This pier is located near two famous temples: Wat Pho and Wat Arun. You can see Wat Arun’s signature chedi from the boat. Don’t forget to pay respect to the Buddha images and sacred beings at both temples.

7. Tha Maharaj Pier

This is a tourist attraction full of shops and restaurants. Moreover, you can visit and get to know Thai culture through many well-known tourist attractions such as Wat Phra Kaew, the National Museum, and the City Pillar Shrine. If you are a shopping enthusiast, cross the river to Wang Lang, which is a famous shopping district. By stopping at this pier, you can visit both Thonburi and Phra Nakorn at the same time!

8. Thonburi Railway Station Pier

Not far away from Tha Maharaj Pier is a small pier on the same side as Wang Lang Pier. Located just behind the Siriraj Hospital, this pier isn’t as popular as the other piers among tourists but it is still considered to be one of the most beautiful piers. There is a royal pavilion that enshrines a statue of King Rama V and Prince Siriraj Kakudhabhand who was the founder of Siriraj Hospital. The magnificent royal pavilion can be seen from the boat.

9. Phra Athit Pier

This is the last pier on our trip. It is located near the famous Khao San Road and Phra Sumen Fort which is a recommended photography spot. You can see a stunning view of the Rama VIII Bridge at night from here. Tourists often hop off at this pier and walk to Khao San Road to try out street food at one of the most popular destinations in Bangkok.

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