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Simple Tips to Shoot Your Best Photos


2020-12-25 13:43:30

Thailand is full of impressive tourist attractions. Naturally, as a tourist you want to record your beautiful memories in photographs. However, if you want to share your photos with the world, it is a good idea to learn some tips to take the best shots to attract people to Like and Share your photos. Let’s learn a few simple tips to shoot the best photos!

If you want great photos, preparation is a must. You need to do some research in advance about the place you will visit, its mood and colour tone, prepare appropriate clothes for the place (casual and relaxing clothes for visiting a beach, a cute cardigan for visiting Chiang Mai, or renting traditional clothes to blend in with the locals), and bring some props; for example, a transparent umbrella as a prop during the rainy season or a stylish hat as a prop for visiting the beach. You should also find out as much as you can about the place you plan to visit so you’ll know in advance what kind of photos you want to shoot.

Simple Tips to Shoot the Best Photos

1. Find your favorite style

Whether portrait or landscape photography, each people’s preference is different. Some people might like a wide-angle view while others might like a bird’s-eye view. Therefore, if you want your photos to convey your character, you had better find your style and don’t copy others.

2. Think about composition

If you’re a beginner, use a grid to help your photographic composition to be more balanced. Focus on what you want to highlight, such as the sky or an object. Most importantly, make sure that the horizon is level when taking a shot.

3. Shoot landmarks

Take photos of popular landmarks to boost your photos’ popularity and views. Most people choose photos taken from popular destinations to post on social media.

4. Movement is important

Movement is important, especially if you’re taking a photo of scenery. Try adding some action to the composition such as having your friend(s) smile or laugh. If you are at the beach, try making your clothes flutter in the wind. Sometimes, photos where animals perform unexpected actions can be quite cute too. Any small movement can add liveliness to your photos.

5. Simple can be the best

This tip is specifically for photos that you want to be sharp, or photos that focus on an object. Blur out the background to focus on the object. Sometimes, keeping it simple and natural can enhance your photos’ charm more than by adding props.

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