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Unseen Thai Architecture You Should Visit


2020-12-28 15:53:32

Thai architecture can be seen in all kinds of buildings, for example, temples, ordination halls, viharns, royal palaces and other buildings. Thai architecture reflects local beliefs and culture, so it varies from region to region. Listed below are tourist attractions with unique architecture that are recognized as Unseen Thailand. If you don’t visit them and see with your own eyes then you’re missing out!

Residence type

Nowadays, most antique houses are open either as museums or restaurants for tourists to appreciate the beautiful architecture both inside and outside the buildings.

1) The Gingerbread House in Bangkok

This traditional Thai house located in Sao Chiangcha sub-district was renovated into a coffee shop. It is built in the Gingerbread House style of architecture, which was popular during the early Rattanakosin period.

Address: 47 Dinsor Rd, Sao Chingcha, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok

2) Baan Ya Hom in Bangokok

This used to be a residence of the Boonyaratwet family, a family of doctors who invented a famous herbal medicine called “Ma”. This antique teakwood house that dates back more than 100 years was built in the era of King Rama VI. Nowadays, it functions as a coffee shop and museum. The overall tone, decoration, and furniture makes visitors feel as if they have stepped back into the past.

Address: 156 Tanao Rd, Wat Bowon Niwet, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok

3) Khum Vongburi Museum in Phrae

This museum, locally known as “the house of love”, is built from golden teak wood and is more than 123 years old. It is a traditional Thai house with a European interior and it is decorated with fretwork made by Chinese artisans. In the past, it was used as the bridal house of Chao Sunanta and Luang Pongpiboon.

Address: 50 Kham Lue, Tambon Nai Wiang, Mueang Phrae District, Phrae

4) Hong Chao Fong Kham in Nan

This Lanna-style house is built from teakwood with an elevated ground floor. It used to be the residence of Chao Sri Tumma, Chao Fong Kham’s grandmother. The word “Hong” means the residence of a Lanna nobleman. Nowadays, it is open as a cultural attraction and learning centre, and it is very popular among tourists.

Address: Sumon Thewarat Rd, Soi 2, Mueang Nan sub-district, Mueang Nan district, Nan

5) Chaykwan Coffee in Phayao

This wooden, cream-coloured, two-storey building in the traditional northern style will surely make all architecture lovers stop to look at it. It was awarded the Architectural Conservation Award by the Association of Siamese Architects in 2010. This award guarantees that this place retains its valuable architecture. Nowadays, the house has been renovated and is open as a restaurant and coffee shop called “Chaykwan Coffee”.

Address: 53/9 Thakwan Rd, Wiang sub-district, Mueang Phayao district, Phayao

6) Baan Sao Nak in Lampang

Baan Sao Nak means a house that has many pillars. This teakwood house got its name from the 116 pillars that support it. The house is open as a learning centre for architecture students from various universities. For that reason, Baan Sao Nak is very well known among architects. Moreover, Baan Sao Nak functions as Lampang’s cultural and arts museum, exhibiting antique tools, for example, a howdah that belonged to the Lampang governor, antique chests, antique steel chests, silverware, etc.

Address: 6 Rat Wattana Rd, Wiang Nuea sub-district, Mueang Lampang district, Lampang

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