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Public Transportation: MRT

公共交通: 地铁(MRT)

2020-12-28 15:56:23

When we talk about travelling, we have to mention transportation as it is a mandatory part of every trip. How wonderful would it be if we, as tourists, got to learn about every important public transportation? There are many types of public transportation in Thailand but here we’ll focus on the Airport Link, the BTS, the MRT and ferries. The charm of these forms of public transportation lies in the tourist attractions that can be seen along the way, including Thailand’s famous street food vendors that can be found everywhere. In this article, let’s get to know the MRT together!

The Metropolitan Rapid Transit

Locally known as the MRT, this public transportation system used to consist of only an underground train. Nowadays, the MRT has expanded into a skytrain like its counterpart, the BTS. The interior of many stations has been designed to fit in with the architecture of the surrounding area, so each station has its own unique and beautiful architecture. The recommended MRT route for tourists is the Blue Line, because it consists of many tourist attractions.

1) Wat Mangkon Station

This is one of the most beautiful MRT stations. Its interior is designed in the Chinese architectural style, full of intricate Chinese paintings. There are many spots for taking photos, some of which have props while others are good for 3D photos. Not far from the station is the famous street food district Yaowarat and Wat Mangkon Kamalawat.

2) Sam Yot Station

The station is located just opposite the well known wholesale shopping district of Sampheng and Phahurat. The station architecture is in an antique style to blend in with the old town of Phahurat. Located not far from the station is a classic department store named The Old Siam Plaza.

3) Sanam Chai Station

The station is decorated in a traditional Thai style similar to a throne room in a royal palace. There are many famous tourist attractions located not far from the station such the Museum Siam and Wat Pho. Walk a bit further to visit Yodpiman River Walk, a community mall by the river where you can indulge in an impressive shopping trip while enjoying the cool breeze.

4) Itsaraphap Station

This station is located in the middle of Itsaraphap Road, which is one of the most important roads in Thonburi district. Tourists can visit many tourist attractions from here, for example, Wang Lang Market, Wat Arun, and the Kudi Chin Community where the beautiful Santa Cruz Church is located.

5) Tha Phra Station

Tha Phra station was the first skytrain MRT station. It is located at the Tha Phra intersection, from where  tourists can head to the Talat Phlu market. This market is very popular because it is full of street vendors. Some popular vendors that you should check out are Sunee red pork rice, Talat Phlu chive dumplings, Nai Kla noodles, Ni-Ang Nam Kaeng Sai, and Kimeng banana in syrup.

6) Fai Chai Station

This station is located at the Fai Chai intersection. Nearby tourist attractions are Wang Lang Market, which is a few minutes away by car, and Tha Maharaj, located on the other side of the river.

7) Bang Khun Non Station

This station is located near Bangkok Noi district’s old markets such as Sala Nam Ron Market and Sala Nam Yen Market. Tourists can visit the Siriraj Bimuksthan Museum located in Siriraj Hospital, which is further ahead from the station, to learn about the history of the hospital and the Bangkok Noi community.

8) Sirindhon Station

This station is located not far from a small but beautiful art gallery named Kinjai Contemporary. The gallery hosts not only art exhibitions, but also art classes. Another interesting destination is Chang Chui, which is a landmark for photography lovers. There are many restaurants and cafés in Chang Chui to visit too.

9) Bang O Station

Bang O is an old Islamic district located on Charan Sanitwong Road. The interesting tourist attraction here is the Bang Ao Mosque that has been part of the Bang O community for many years. It is located near the station.

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