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Blue-Dyed Face Mask and Unique Strap


2020-12-25 13:59:24


Change your ordinary face mask into a chic accessory with a blue-dyed face mask and a blue-thread spool strap from the Baan Nakham Community in Sakon Nakhon Province. The blue colour is from the indigo plant, which produces one of the oldest natural colours in the world. The villagers work together to extract this beautiful blue colour by soaking the leaves and stems of the indigo plant in water.

Baan Nakham villagers have been passing down their weaving wisdom for many generations. At first, they only did it for use in their own families. However, since the government introduced a policy to support local products called ‘One Tambon, One Product’ (OTOP), the villagers have turned their woven products into a business that earns income for the community. The blue-dyed fabric is used to create different products, for example, T-shirts, trousers, bags, and the latest product—a face mask that prevents the spread of COVID-19. Part of their weaving equipment is a blue-thread spool, which is one of the main parts of a loom. They use the mini blue-thread spools to make a unique and cute DIY face-mask strap.

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