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Easy Workout You Can Do Too During Quarantine


2020-12-29 14:18:25

It goes without saying that jogging in a park and going to a fitness during two weeks quarantine is impossible. You are confined in your room and your weight keep increasing. Worry not! Here are some recommended workouts that you can do during quarantine!

1. Yoga

Yoga doesn’t need that much equipment or area. All you need is one yoga mat to prevent a back injury that may occur. Not only yoga helps relief muscles stiffness, but it also helps calm your mind too. (Some ASQ & ALSQ hotels have a mat yoga to provide upon requested.)

2. Aerobic

One of many workout methods that many people are familiar with. Aerobic is moving your body along with the music. It helps with weight loss and doesn’t require any prior experience. Everyone is free to try it. Aerobic consists of many levels. Choose one that best suit you to go with your favorite song!

3. Dumbbell Exercise

Dumbbell exercise helps train your muscles which can lessen muscle injury. You only need a dumbbell to do it. If you don’t have a dumbbell, replace it with a bottle filled with water or sand. Now you are off to a good start of dumbbell exercise!

Next are some exercise moves that you can do during quarantine named “HIIT Training” (High-Intensity Interval Training).

Push Ups

A workout that works all muscles. The correct pose is placing your palms on the floor slightly wider than your shoulders. Don’t spread your arms while pushing up. Straighten your legs and push your body up. Recommended method is 15 push ups per set and do it 3-4 sets per time. If you can’t do full push-ups, try half push-ups instead by bending your knees and place them on the floor while pushing up.


Women’s favorite workout method as it helps reduce thighs fat and hip fat. Spread your legs so that your knees level with your hip (like what you do when sit down on a chair.) Straighten your back and focus your body weight at your heels. Don’t lean forward or shift your body weight onto your toes while lowering yourself down. Stiffen your thigh and hip muscles while lifting up. Recommended method is 20 squats per set and do it 5 sets per time.

Jumping Jacks

An easy workout that everyone has experienced in childhood. Recommended method is 50 times per set and rest for one minute. Continue for 5 more rounds if you can or adjust accordingly to the state of the individual’s body.

Bicycles Crunches

This workout can be done on a bed. First, lie down on the bed and place your hands behind your head. Slightly lift one leg up and extent it. Then, lift the other leg and bend your knee while twisting your body so that the opposite elbow comes towards the raised knee. Pull your knee down and repeat the moves with the other leg and elbow. Recommended method is 20 times.

High Knees

This workout is also known as “running in place”. Stand comfortably and raise your arms vertically to the floor. Next, run in place with your knee leveling with your waist. Recommended method is 10-15 times per set and do it 3 sets per time. (left and right lifting is counted as one time.)

Mountain Climbers

Start with a push up pose with your arms and legs straightened. Then, bend your knee towards your chest and return to the starting position. Repeat the move with the other leg to count as 1 set. Recommended method is 5 sets per minute with 30 seconds rest between each set.

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