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Krajood Bags: Saving the Planet in Style (Painting)

既环保又时尚的泰国kra jud手工包

2020-12-25 14:31:08

Krajood bags are clever One-Tambon-One-Product (OTOP) creations made by the villagers of Thalae Noi in Phatthalung Province. Thalae Noi is near a peat forest with waterlogged soil, so the region is rich in flora and fauna, including ‘krajood’, a plant that comes from the same family as sedge. Long ago, the villagers made their living from farming and fishing, and in their free time they made handicraft products such as sedge mats. Later on, they discovered that krajood is both more beautiful and more durable than sedge, so they began to use it to create their handicrafts instead. Nowadays, the villagers make many stylish krajood products such as baskets and handbags, which are not only attractive but also hardwearing. Best of all, krajood bags are environmentally friendly.

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