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4 YouTube Channels Recommendation for Everyone Who Interested Thai Language

4 个 YouTube 频道,推荐给所有对泰语感兴趣的人!

2020-12-30 16:11:08

Among the many activities to do while in quarantine, learning the Thai language is a great idea. You can do this activity online by yourself and you don’t need to pay or make a big time commitment. Here are four YouTube channels recommended for everyone who wants to learn the Thai language (ALL FREE!). What are you waiting for? Take a look!

1. Learn Thai with

This is ideal for people who are interested in the Thai language because “Learn Thai with” has everything you need! They have many lessons for Thai learners, step by step, from beginner to advanced level. They also have listening practice that is useful for learners who have problems with tones.

2. Learningthai

This channel has many videos teaching Thai. You can start with beginning grammar and review lessons in the playlist they created, then you can go ahead with other playlists such as Thai Holiday Lessons, Thai Conversation Lessons, and Instant Thai Phrases for Your Holiday to use in your daily life in Thailand.

3. Thai Lessons by New

For language learners who want to learn Thai in a relaxed way, this is the channel that you are looking for! You might start from the beginner playlist, or if you want to learn more words, go and look at the Thai Vocabulary playlist. They categorize the lessons in an orderly way to make it easy for you, so what are you waiting for? Enjoy it now!

4. Let's Learn Thai & English!

This Thai teaching channel on YouTube has various techniques to make you enjoy learning Thai more than ever! Try singing Thai songs with Let’s Sing Thai Songs in the OST songs playlist and if you love Lisa Blackpink, the  Lisa Blackpink playlist will let you know and learn what Lisa says!


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