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Comfy & Chic Water Hyacinth Shoes


2020-12-30 17:49:15

Water hyacinth is an aquatic plant that many people consider useless. However, the Baan Non Champa Community in Buriram has shown its value by using it to make various handicraft products such as shoes, bags and baskets. Not only does this solve the problem of water hyacinth clogging the waterways, which harms the environment, but it also earns the villagers a healthy income. Water hyacinths are dried in the sun and then torn into strips that are used to make handicraft products. Water hyacinth shoes are one of these handicrafts that are very popular among tourists. These comfortable, durable, and chic shoes are also good for your blood flow.


If you are an artistic type, feel free to decorate the shoes with these decorative materials included in the set. Have fun making your unique pair of shoes!


After you’re done decorating your Happy DIY Set, take a photo of your work and send it to the website to get the chance to win luxurious accommodation packages!

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