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8 Items You Must Take with You to Thailand


2021-01-04 15:56:11

Let’s check the list of important items you should take with you when visiting Thailand. These are mostly items you will need for fighting off the country’s scorching hot weather. Some items are necessary for activities other than travelling.

1. Sunscreen

Thailand is sunny almost all year round because it is located slightly above the equator. For that reason, sunscreen is an obligatory item to take with you to Thailand, or else you might risk getting sunburn from long-term exposure to sunlight.

2.  Aloe vera gel

Another item with abundant benefits, aloe vera gel can heal your skin from sunburn and cool your skin after exposure to sunlight.

3. Cooling towel

Compared to the first two items, cooling towels aren’t so necessary but you’ve got nothing to lose if you take one with you. Cooling towels are similar to face wipes but the cooling sensation you get is different. Rubbing your nape with a cooling towel on a hot day will give tremendous relief from Thailand’s sunlight.

4. Cooling powder

This is another item you’ll need for visiting Thailand. Just apply it on your body after a bath and you won’t feel hot anymore. Cooling powders are very common in Thailand. You can find them at almost every 7-11.

5. Umbrella

Obviously, umbrellas are a must-have item for a hot day. Foldable umbrellas are better than long-handled umbrellas because they can be easily pocketed.

6. Translation application or dictionary

In the event that you travel somewhere that the people can’t speak English, translation applications or dictionaries will be a great help if you want to order local foods or ask for directions.

7. Personal medicines

You should take your personal medicines with you, not only when you visit Thailand but to other countries too. In the event that an emergency occurs, you’ll be able to lessen the effect to some degree.

8. Copies of important documents

These are for identification because some tourist attractions require identity documents for both tourists’ and the attraction’s safety.

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