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What is SHA: Confident Trips with the SHA Certificate

什么是SHA标识 ? SHA标识的信心之旅

2021-01-04 16:15:53

What is SHA?

SHA is short for “the Amazing Thailand Safety and Health Administration”, a project that involved cooperation between the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the Tourism Authority of Thailand, the Ministry of Public Health, the Department of Disease Control, the Department of Health and the Department of Health Service Support, including government and private sectors involved in the tourism industry.

What does SHA do?

SHA aims to ensure that both Thai and foreign tourists have a positive tourism experience. In order to do so, the SHA allows business owners to register their businesses via to obtain the SHA certificate, which certifies that the business’s workplace complies with SHA standards. The SHA checklists are inspected by various boards, federations, and associations in the tourism industry.

What type of business can register to obtain the SHA certificate?

There are 10 types of business that can register to obtain the SHA certificate:

1) Restaurants / diners / street food vendors

2) Hotels, accommodation and meeting places

3) Recreational activities and tourist attractions

4) Transportation

5) Travel agencies

6) Health and beauty

7) Department stores and shopping centers

8) Sports for tourism (golf courses and race events)

9) Activities, meetings, theatres and entertainment venues

10) Souvenir shops and other retail outlets

What does the SHA sticker mean?

If you happen to come across the SHA sticker at any establishment, then you can rest assured that the place is guaranteed safe according to SHA standards. However, if you find any SHA certified establishment that doesn’t comply with SHA standards, you can leave suggestions on the website. The establishments will be randomly inspected by the committee and their SHA certificate can be revoked if business owners fail to maintain the establishment’s standards to comply with SHA requirements.

To check the list of SHA certified establishments, visit 

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (Headquarters)
1600 New Phetchaburi Road Makkasan Ratchathewi Bangkok 10400
TAT Contact Center 1672

1600 New Phetchaburi Road Makkasan Ratchathewi Bangkok 10400
TAT 联络中心 1672