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Who Wants to Be a Writer — Creative Writing Tips to Turn You into a Professional

想当作家? -创意写作技巧,让您成为专业人士

2021-01-05 15:46:42

Creative writing is a writing style that shows the author’s originality through storytelling that applies a new concept or fresh imagination. Creative writing works are valuable in the sense that they teach morals, improve readers’ critical thinking skills or stimulate readers’ emotions and thoughts. Listed below are some tips for creative writing that you can adapt to your work.

1. Uniqueness

It’s not necessary for your work to be entirely new. Your work’s idea or concept should develop by mixing existing ideas or concepts into a new one.

2. Aesthetic

To put it simply, your works should be aesthetically beautiful in terms of artistic language. Writing is one branch of art. Authors should be well versed in the usage of vocabulary and have a deep understanding of the meaning of words to be able to use them proficiently and correctly. Consider using metaphors or descriptive writing to stimulate readers’ emotions and help them vividly imagine the story.

3. Content and format must be compatible

Authors should have an understanding of what they write and tell the story concisely and correctly. Consider whether the chosen format is compatible with the content or not. For example, if you want to write a documentary, the description should be concise and the information must be correct.

4. Author’s identity

Convey your unique identity through the use of words, writing style, and feeling. Doing so helps readers remember your work better and it make your work stand out.

5. Open for interpretation

Creative writing doesn’t need to have a fixed interpretation. Readers should be allowed to interpret the story as they wish after they interpret each element of the story (scenes, characters, and facts.) Authors should allow readers to come up with their own interpretation freely instead of being limited to one specific interpretation.

6. Do not lead readers on

Your work should allow readers to interpret it freely without bias or adding your personal thoughts on the subject. By doing so, readers will be able to see the world in a new perspective.

7. Stimulate readers’ thought

Not only should your work be entertaining and educational, but it should also provide new thoughts or ideas for readers (without leading them on.) It could be about society, life in general or factual events.

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