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Recommended Thai Games on Steam

Recommended Thai Gameson Steam

2021-01-06 16:07:57

If you are bored during quarantine, you need to find something fun to do! One way of avoiding boredom is by playing online games. Today, we are going to recommend some interesting games on Steam. Each game has its unique charm, so let’s download them and check them out!

1. Timelie

Timelie is a puzzle game from Thai developers which was launched last year. The game tells the story of a girl with the power to control time and her cat. They have to solve puzzles and escape from an illusory world stuck between the future and the past. Not only does the game have an intriguing gameplay, but it also has amazing graphics that will leave you speechless!

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2. Mist Survival

This is a post-apocalypse survival game with a zombie theme. Mist Survival is a single player game using a Sandbox-style map. The goal is to survive the harsh environment. Players must find food and shelter while avoiding the danger. After it was released on Steam, the game received many positive reviews. If you are a fan of survival games, then you should check this one out!

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3. Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home is a very popular horror game from Thai developers that has featured on Steam’s top game ranking. The game contains abundant Thai horror elements such as spirits in traditional Thai clothes, Thai dark art rituals, and spirit houses; all of which are guaranteed to scare the living daylights out of players. Home Sweet Home is ready to test the limits of your courage!

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4. Dual Gear

If you are a fan of robot or sci-fi games, then you should check this game out. In Dual Gear, players get to control various type of robots that they can customize in various ways to enhance their performance before heading to the battlefield. The game is inspired by the legendary robot game “Front Mission”. Dual Gear’s gameplay and graphics are stunning and realistic. Robot game lovers shouldn’t miss it!

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5. Project Nimbus

This is another recommended robot game. Unlike Dual Gear, Project Nimbus focuses mainly on a battle in the sky and in space. Players control a robot and fight the enemy in a 360-degree, 3D third-person perspective style. The graphics are stunning and realistic due to the game’s unique perspective.

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