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6 Rules to Consider When You Create a Family Boardgame


2021-01-06 13:29:54

There are many activities you can do during quarantine, but how many of these activities are both fun and creative? Making a boardgame is an ideal quarantine activity because you will have fun designing it and playing it, as well as having a joyful time with your family.

1. Write down your idea

Great ideas might come to you at an unexpected time. When it happens, write them down first. Later on, you can take time to consider which ideas can be used to make boardgames.

2. Design the theme

Obviously, your boardgame must have a basic theme and mechanics, which are necessary for playing with other people; for example, strategy games, social deduction games like Werewolf, or Monopoly type of games.

3. Take the players’ age into consideration

The complexity of the game rules depends on the players’ age, as well as the game theme and mechanics. If there are young players in the group, the rules must be simple and less in number so they can understand it. If all the players are adults, then the rules can be more complex. The game theme can also be more varied such as a war theme or a zombie theme.

4. Limitation of players, time, and size of the game

For some games, the size of the board and the number of cards must be taken into account. Also consider how long it takes for a player to finish the quest and the maximum number of players. All of these depend on the rules and players.

5. How to win the game

Game makers must consider in what scenario a task can be considered as a win. For example, in a game that tests players’ speed, the first player to reach the goal is the winner, or in a point-collecting game, the player with the highest score is the winner.

6. Write simple rules

Obviously, every game needs rules. You can come up with the rules and test them while playing the game, for example, how to play the game, what players can do at their turn, what are the game’s obstacles, and how to choose the winner. You can also add special rules if you want.

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