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5 Recommended Mobile Games to Kill Time!


2021-01-08 10:53:49

It is as clear as day that playing game is a popular choice for quarantine activities. Apart from a fun time, playing games help improve thinking skill too. Nowadays, many digital games are available on mobile phone as much as on PC through Play Store (Android) and App Store (IOS). Let’s get to know some popular mobile games in Thailand!

1. League of Legends: WildRift Mobile (LoL)

MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game lovers shouldn’t miss this! LOL is a MOBA game that has been popular since it was on PC. Nowadays, Riot Games has brought it to the mobile platform with wonderful graphic and MOBA-style bird’s-eye view. The game focuses on strategizing a plan to destroy the enemy’s fortress to win. Not only you will have fun playing LOL, but you also get to improve your strategy skill too.

2. MARVEL Super War

This is another MOBA game that caters to MARVEL fans. In MARVEL Super War, players can play as their favorite heroes and head to a 5v5 battlefield. Each hero’s skills are based on their counterparts in MARVEL comics and movies. Most of all, the game graphic is top-notch so you should give it a try!

3. PUBG Mobile (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds)

PUBG is a battle royale-style survival game that is globally popular since it was on PC platform. Nowadays, PUBG has come to mobile platform and the gameplay is similar to its PC counterpart. Although the map size is smaller and some details are left out, most gameplay is still the same!

4. Plants vs Zombies

This is a classic game from PopCap Games where players fend off your lawn from zombies with plants. Strategize your plant arrangement to keep zombies out! Apart from providing a fun time, Plants vs Zombies also helps improve your strategic mind.

5. Let me eat: Feeding Frenzy

This is a classic “big fish eats small fish” game on PC platform. It is suitable for every age and gender. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about internet connection because it can be played offline! The gameplay is very simple. Eat fish until you get bigger and bigger, but try not to get eaten by fish bigger than you!

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